Eve Online New Player Helper

Eve Online Wiki from Kismeteer and friends

This quick set of choices is to help figure out what kind of help you might need in an Eve Online Wiki.  Without the overly structured Wikipedia neutrality rules.

The key goal: complete and accurate information that shows 'above the fold' for new players to give them an idea where to go next.

I've filled different parts with other pages on mechanics that might be new to you.   Some are more aimed at new players, like why you might not want to do high sec mining.  Others might be aimed at bitter vet mechanics, like how you evac your stuff from asset safety.  And other stuff is a bit random.  This started as an Eve Tip of the day on the Pandemic Horde forums.

I think Eve Online is a fantastic game, and I highly recommend everyone play it.

Have suggestions for me?  Drop an in-game Eve Mail or hit me on the official Eve Online Discord where we help new players all the time.  I have also created a thread for wckg.net on the eve forums.  I also made a discord in the footer here.

I would also recommend checking out CCP's Eve Academy page for quick videos on complex topics! 

Use Search!

There is a search button in the top right corner!  It's powered by Google search, so is great!

Other useful pages under the main menu:

Eve vs Other Games - Compare eve to other games.

Kisover - My own overview, designed for multioverview.

Thanks! - Those who helped me with this project.  (AND YOU!)

Why to play Eve Online

This page created and maintained by Kismeteer.  Detailed write up on my Eve Career. 

You can also use the Eve Online Recruit site to create a recruitment link.  https://www.eveonline.com/recruit 

You can use this to give yourself 1 Mil SP.   You can even invite older characters to get the 1 Mil SP or extra omega time.  A can invite B, B can invite C, and C can invite A, so you can get major rewards out of it.  I don't recommend clicking on anyone else's link if you think you'll ever run more than 1 account.

Just so you know who's link this is:
My zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/character/798282716/

My evewho: https://evewho.com/character/798282716

If you have read my disclaimer above and still want it, you can Click for 1 Mil SP.  But I advise AGAINST this, take this advantage for yourself! Note, due to my strong advisement, only 1 person has actually used this link.  For those asking why I keep advertising my page, its because it can help new players.