Ewar Application

This is your Eve Tip of the day on Ewar application.


Unsure who to dampen? Not sure who to apply your ECM to? Disrupting difficult? Painting and how it works! This is the math associated with how to apply these ewar options!

There are some skills that help all EWAR skills, aka support skills:

Frequency Modulation - 10% fall off for all EWAR skills (VERY important)

Long Distance Jamming - 10% range for all EWAR skills (VERY important)

EWAR Primary skills, can find these under the module, and can find what it effects by seeing the 'Required for' tab in game:

Electronic Warfare - 5% less cap for ECM (Requirement for some EWAR skill/ships, required for ECM usage)

Sensor Linking - 5% less cap for Damps (Required to use Sensor Dampening)

Target Painting - 5% less cap for Painting (Required to use target painter)

Weapon Disruption - 5% less cap for Disruption (Required to use Tracking/Guidance disruption (turrets vs missiles))

EWAR secondary skills, all require primary to 4, along with other things:

Signal Dispersion - 5% strength ECM jammer (Requires

Signal Suppression - 5% bonus damp scan and target

Signal Focusing - 5% target paint radius

Weapon Destabilization- 5% effectiveness weapon disruption

Finally, the math in question. :smile:

So, I made some characters with some default skills packs, based on these values. Getting Secondary to 3 gets you the ability to spread your effects. getting them to 5 lets you spread them out.

Muninn default values in column b, columns C-F is an entire ewar ship on the muninn, and G-J show if only one of the modules are applied.

All 4 ewars on a muninn with max boosts is nearly the same as an unbonused one with no ewars on it, other than cruicifiers being fully effective, a 19% jam chance, 20% more sig, and -10% lock range

Once you have EWAR Info links, however, you can easily split between 3 with just 4's in secondary skills. Note that with jams specifically, you just jam one at a time, until it's jammed, and then move onto the next, you don't just AFK it. And a reminder, if you jam them, they can still attack you.