Early Eve

This is your Eve Tip of the day on Early Eve.

People talk about multi-MWD, no concord, etc. but before everyone glamourizes how great early eve was, here is what null sec life was like back then:

Wake up, see what towers were reinforced. or what needed fueled for the day. lots of reaction towers. Wasn't really an API so you'd have to manually check.

Okay, who needed what. Do we need a freighter run? yeah, of course we do.

Find someone who owned a freighter, have them leave for jita. Get like 3-4 pilots to help them. Make sure they have a good bookmark pack for warp to zero to gate. Contract all goo to the person to jita.

Burn 40 jumps from deklein, 29 in null sec, 11 high. one of the 'close' places. If you got unlucky, get the freighter to warp off, and hope nobody had enough points in probing skills to do 4 probes. Crash log early if you think they did.

Find how bad EC-P is. Constant gate camp, really only decent way into deklein at the time. Might get some battleships fights from time to time. system was in game as 'grab the pod!' in the description. One of maybe ... 5? choke points in all of eve.

Get to jita. Ask people to put up contracts. Get massive shopping lists from people. manually enter everything. Nobody wanted to pay for your time or effort. rarely money in advance. everyone was skint on isk. Have fleet wait in torrinos and join the EC gate camp. If it was ours.

Freighter heads back, gate camp gets jumped because easy kills. More people come to gate camp.

Freighter now on it's way back through null. No webbing because aggression was death if you had to crash log. Once you were crash logged, you were gone in a certain time frame. 😄

Hooray, you arrived back! And you forgot the goddamn janitor for the station you're building, so send someone in a cruiser to go pick up those janitors.

Two hours of your life, just restocking.