Greetings, welcome to your Eve Online guide on drugs. In game. pw: 420smokeweedeveryday aka Boosters This will be primarily covering combat boosters.

Should you use drugs in game? Yes. They help you accomplish your goals.

The way most boosters work in Eve Online is:

- You physically put a small booster in your cargo before undocking.

- You consume it when you get action.

- It occupies a Booster Slot. Right now, the majority of boosters are slots 1-4, with some extras being added for events

- It applies a positive and possibly a negative.

- This lasts as long as your Biology skill says (half hour to hour), Neurotoxin Control can reduce your penalty amount (22.5% vs 30%), Neurotoxin Recovery can reduce your chance of a penalty (30% to 40%). Biology applies to your Cereberal Accelerators.

While a full list of boosters and their effects would be long.  has a full list. But I'll give you major ones we use often.

Slot 1: Blue Pill (Shield boosting), X-Instinct (Signature Radius), Antipharmakon Aeolis (capacitor), Quafe Zero (Speed)

Slot 2: Drop (Tracking speed), Antipharmakon Iokira (Tracking speed)

Slot 3: missiles only

Slot 11: Hardshell (Shield Boosting), Overclocker (Velocity Bonus), and the best booster, Pyro (DB3 is 3% damage for 6 mil!)

There are also 4 (or 5) strengths. Some have no side effects and only boost 6% like Synth. Some boost 30% with a chance major side effects of 30%, like Strong. So you have to decide something that makes sense.

Want to try this out? Get a Ancillary Shield Booster Merlin, Take Synth Blue Pill, survive longer!