Why to play Eve Online

My name is Gonzo aka 'Kismeteer' in a game I play called Eve Online made by CCP.  Eve is a 'sandbox' mmo.  "Kyle T" reached out to me in discord and asked me about what drives these narratives that happen in eve.  I like to tell new players that Eve is 90% boring, 9% okay, 1% pure excitement, because it is a slow moving game.  But nothing matches it when things really kick off.

But there are a couple key features that make Eve different.

By combining these 6 aspects, you get a unique game, unmatched in the marketplace.   All the ore mined, to get the minerals, to build the ships,  to be flown by players, to be blown up  by players, all with very little help from CCP NPCs.  This can cause motivated players to pool together to make corporations, to make alliances, to make factions, to make massive groups of 50,000 people all pulling towards the same goal.  It also thrives on the idea of 'asymmetric warfare', where everyone shoots the weakest link to remove it.  People brag about 'wanting small gang' when they actually want is to gank helpless people. 

Let's take a theoretical example.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08hmqyejCYU is a video of the 'butterfly effect' that outlines one of these events. But this might be a more accurate representation.

There are similar story lines in CCP's video 'I Was There' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSxSyv4LC1c though the Shadoo version is more accurate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zMKXTJL35g

Minecraft has a lot of similarities to Eve style.  Everything is player mined and built, you risk your diamond armor to get greater rewards, you can play on very large servers with a couple hundred, and a spy can get access to your cache of diamonds and steal everything.  But it is sharded more than any other game out there, with most playing on 2-4 people together rather than 150 on a daily and constant basis.

Tarkov has the idea of actions having consequences and trusting players who might betray you, but nothing is forever, you can easily change names, and cheating is mainly present in the sense that there are wallhacks and aimbots.  And is limited to around 8 players at most, has frequent wipes due to the problems they're experiencing, and does not have things 'escalate' because everyone starts at once and everything is over in 45 minutes.

Foxhole is maybe one of the closest games, with a much smaller subscriber base of 2k-ish simultaneous versus Eve's peaks of 20k-ish.  It has a player driven economy, has meaningful actions, and has a semi-spying acceptance, though it's being suppressed.  It doesn't have the 'reward' aspect down, and does regular wipes because there is an end game.  You can risk tanks, but the loss of that tank can be replaced in a few hours of work.

Anyway, this is now long enough that I'll just post it as an essay on my website. :)  Let me know what you think.