The Thank you list

This site could not be built without the help of many people.   I was inspired to write details on how different mechanics work in reality versus what the wiki pages badly show.  There are good and bad ways to use these things, so a neutral opinion isn't a good idea for a video game with exact mechanics.

Just to track a little history, this project started with Interdictor Nullification not being on the wiki.  At all.  It was mentioned but linked to a dev blog, but no explanation. So I started a thread to start to update the wiki on the eve online discord with an easy to search tag of 'EODUP'.   Some of these wiki pages still exist but all got flagged for not matching their style guide, which is fine I didn't know it was a thing.  Including one with details that are hard to get out of large null sec groups.  Sadly, we were not able to work out these style changes and the data was removed entirely.

My hope now is to just have a running site by an active player, with constant updates, that I can easily link to new players. The key is to have a opening paragraph that shows 'above the fold' on discord, so they can easily see it covers the data we are interested.

If you have a question, just think of 'what can this do to help new players'.  I honestly don't care if they join us in horde or not, as long as they enjoy the game that I love.