Bitter Vet

Things that most vets returning to the game need this type of detail to understand changes to the game.  

Bitter vets returning to the game, or people looking to expand their knowledge.  Last updated: 2024 Q2

Please read the guide on Asset Safety if your stuff is stuck in low sec!  It's easy to evac it.

The key points:

If you have been logged off for awhile, you can open a ticket with CCP and have them move a single ship with your best stuff to safe space directly.  Just put it as 'stuck' and explain your return.  Note, they will move any ship besides a capital or a freighter, so repackaging ships into a hauler or taking your most expensive ship is best.  Pay attention to what pod you are in as well!

Note, if you have been gone awhile, go to Neocom | Activities | Agency | Agents | Career Agents and do those.  See Newbie section if you've been gone a long time.

There have been several major changes for older players, which I'll repeat going backwards as best as I can remember.   Note, MANY ships recieved nerfs/buffs over the years!

I'll have more, I'll think about how to order these.  I've included some links to the only other part of information we have, unfortunately.

I did one of these back for a 2016 version on The Imperium site a long time ago for much older vets returning.