Caldari Standings

If you have a Jita Alt, you might have already gone through this mess to raise that jita alt's faction standings to get the tax rate cuts (link to my tip of the day on the savings). These can be rolled into a Caldari locator, but it is FAR FAR worse than the minmatar one mentioned in this thread. However, it has one advantage, you can get access to a Level 5 locator agent, which has a 2 minute scan time. This agent is the only one in it's station and you have to travel a full another system to get access to another 2. It also requires a lot of extra steps.

Again, The Minmatar agent chain is WAY better.

If you already have major faction with caldari, you can do this to help you out. If you have like level 3 faction with caldari already, the tag turn ins should be enough honestly. It cost me 30 mil isk to get it to faction 7 with caldari faction because i had already done a bunch of missions.

I updated the main wiki page with some statistics I did as well. 

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