Caldari Standings

If you have a Jita Alt, you might have already gone through this mess to raise that jita alt's faction standings to get the tax rate cuts (link to my tip of the day on the savings). These can be rolled into a Caldari locator, but it is FAR FAR worse than the minmatar one mentioned in this thread. However, it has one advantage, you can get access to a Level 5 locator agent, which has a 2 minute scan time. This agent is the only one in it's station and you have to travel a full another system to get access to another 2. It also requires a lot of extra steps.

Note, you can PAY someone to raise your caldari standings, but this can be very expensive. 

Again, The Minmatar agent chain is WAY better.

If you already have major faction with caldari, you can do this to help you out. If you have like level 3 faction with caldari already, the tag turn ins should be enough honestly. It cost me 30 mil isk to get it to faction 7 with caldari faction because i had already done a bunch of missions.

I updated the main wiki page with some statistics I did as well. 

Other career agents

Locator agents

This is a good caldari locator route, for your jita alt.

Iesa Suokinainen isik 

Paarinela Siakkawai isik same station

Hilaim Kafshaz isan

Iijonen Ishiras nour

Ylarita Ryeki nour

Jukkizaras Aboraala tsug

Mori Eroda tsug

Ylandoki Ishinila airk

Nahtepas Tsora airkio

Ylandoki Ishinila airkio

Aaho Ruus Kamo

Iberato Inama funta

Maskiainen Olkkunen isik

Ylama Saziras uosus

(opt)Vesuroma Nautio hagek

Kusken Otiai piek

Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant 


Tsutara Yorsen uemis

Kamaala Uehashi autama

Ratting for Security Status

CCP added Tags for sec.  If you go full blown pirate, you can pay to have your security status 'fixed'.  This is part of a program at any Concord station.  These are rats you kill in low sec to collect one of 4 tags: Trainer, Recruiter, Transporter, and Negotiator.   Each has a value and number you need to get to the next 'level' of security status, -8, -5, -2, and 0 respectively.

The math associated is embeded in the eve uni wiki, but it's easier than that, honestly. (Note, this used to be able to be cheesed by switching systems, but that no longer works)

Let someone else do this math for you, really.  This chart below says how long it takes to get to the next 'level' of sec status.

For instance, if you are -10, and killing at 650k rat every 20 minutes in null sec:

I have a spreadsheet that works out the rest, just let me know the average security increase you're getting when you kill a rat, and I can give you a round number of hours to get from one to another.   For instance, same example above, if you can kill a 19% rat, these drop to: 57 h, 90 h, 122 h, 243 h.   And if you only can kill a 9% rat, these rise to: 119 h, 190 h, 257 h, 513 h. 

Assuming you kill a 650k rat every 20 minutes, which gives you around 17% each time you kill them, you can figure out how many hours it will take you to rat up your sec status to a certain level.  So you can buy your tags for sec from -10.0 to -5.0 first (currently 57 mil) and then rat the remaining 57 hours to get to -1.99 sec status instead of ratting for the full 100 hours, and save yourself the 431 mil.