No Magic

There is no Magic

There is no magic to eve.  You are being directed here because you are looking for a problem that was already solved in a game that came out literally 20 years ago.

You are missing the basic thing here: We want you to succeed.

To anyone attempting to help people: give them guides first.  If they continue to not listen, give them this page.  They won't read it, but then start screenshotting sections. :D

What do you mean?

The person helping you is trying to tell you how the game works now.  And you are ignoring what is being said because you are convinced if you just try harder to play a game the way it was 10 years ago, there's some trick that will solve this game.

That's not the way this game works.

There is a 'meta', and it's well known in this game that you follow the meta or you suffer.

If you ignore the meta, you end up with suboptimal strategies that results in more losses than gains.

The best isk is doing the content you like doing, in the ships that are recommended.  If you're being super safe, you might make 10x less money than taking minor risks.

#new-player-questions Bingo

The following sections are some admittedly blunt advice about EVE, please take it in the spirit in which it was written, and know that EVE is unlike almost any other game and has a unique ecosystem. As a 20 year old game, many aspects of it are a solved concept.

Why can't I just spend isk?

By spending isk, you are going to lose more than you make in that time frame.  Let's make an example.

You are told about a 40 million isk ship that makes 25 mil an hour.  It earns it back in about an hour and a half.  In 3 hours, you are positive 35 million isk.

You are convinced that you can just use a more expensive ship to make MORE an hour, so you buy a 450 million isk ship.  With your skills, it makes 30 mil an hour.   in 3 hours, you are still 375 million in the hole, and have a huge target on your back from the roaming gangs in the area.

It's simple isk per hour.  The Beginner Activities clearly lays out the amount of effort and income of the different tasks.

I'll just inject

Well, you could just inject your way out of the problem, correct?  Well, most times, your button pushing will lag behind.  You are obviously refusing to listen to reason when we say 'start small' or 'start cheaper' or 'this is more economical.

Injecting will just get you lose things faster.   We call Eve Pay to Lose for a reason.

But if I do this thing I was told...

You're not that person on youtube.

The person helping you right now is *REALLY* trying to get you to listen to reason.

But what about-isms...

Yes, the person helping you knows those strategies. They know the end games.  Just believe them if they tell you 'I think you want this'.  rather than some magical hack that will pay for your account.

We want you to do great out there.  There are millions of things to do in pvp and be successful.  Being successful in PVE though is cookie cutter as HELL.

I'm sure there's a secret here...

There isn't.  You cannot make Omega as an alpha without a lot of success: Making Omega 

Pandemic Horde version

Newbeans, With the advent of the free praxis on the horizon for most of us, I want you to consider these things:

If you are planning a large ambitious project that involves spending lots of isk, **please consider** talking to an NBI before starting it.   You can feel free to contact myself directly if it's op sec, or any other active NBI.  You can also talk about it publicly if you don't mind spies finding out about it.  Or just ask in #newbeans if it's idle speculation.  There are a lot of mechanics in the game and we can hopefully find cheaper and MUCH more effective methods.  And just because something wasn't free doesn't mean it doesn't have value.  Praxises might drop to ... 50 mil? in two days, but they will be worth at least 120-250 mil in a few months.

Some examples:

Okay, smart guy, tell me what I should do to make isk!

We are trying to help because we see people rage quit here. I'm not even kidding.

Stop being a dick

I'm trying to help you, dumbass, that's why we just argued for 10 minutes. :D  I'm the one giving up my play time to help new players, you think I like telling people that CCP lied and implied you could pay for your accounts by mining in high sec for 10 minutes?