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Need to clean these up.  This started in a Pandemic Horde Forum that I was encouraged to record for the future.  Hopefuly, this site makes it easier to find and link this content to new players.   These links to further linked embeded in the horde forums. I might convert this to a more easy to read version, but that might be effort.

The search button in the top right is WAY too easy to use.

Gonzo repeats these things too much - I'm sorry, I'll say one of these nearly every fleet.

Eve is hard:

AIR Career program - Earn SP and learn the game discord link

Building ships - for fun and profit using BPCs or BPOs! discord link

Changes in eve over time - Watch for expired sites

Comms, get on mumble! - Must have comms to play this game.

Don't fly what you can't afford to lose - Fly what you feel comfortable losing or you'll rage quit.

Eve roles and how big Eve is. - Focus on one thing

Eve is a sandbox, come play! - It's complicated! don't feel bad.

Finding help! - This is how to find help in general

Fleet Participation - Track how Horde tracks you

Getting better - Don't compare yourself to experts, focus on you getting better

Lag and Pen color - Why I love the big fights, even if there is a ton of tidi. (Time Dialation)

Loot sorting - Gather all the loot from all the wrecks!

Making isk - Yes

Mix up what you do in eve - Try something new from time to time.

Mumble setup + Discord setup+ discord channels + Special interest groups

Omega - Getting Omega is hard for alphas, don't do this to yourself. - It's REALLY hard to get omega as an alpha, a LOT of work.

Play at your own pace - Don't be too hard on yourself

Play at your own pace part 2 - It's going to be okay

Practice - You'll get better

Practice Practice part 2 - No seriously.

Research - Start with searching the forums/discord - Search discord first, then the forums, then google.

Skill training plans - Horde Skill plans link in Newbeans channel!

Spreadsheets in space - use them - Yes I love google docs

SRP + insurance- Ship Replacement Program - Use insurance and with SRP, it will pay for your losses. mostly. automatically.

Useful fucking sites - Lots of fucking sites to fucking visit. NSFW version.

You'll get better - Your reputation will follow you.


Alts and you - How CCP and Horde use multiple accounts and attach them to your main. Also discord issues.

Asset safety - How to safely move ships to high sec for fun and profit. and a bit about capitals.

Contracts - contract stuff to move it, sell it, etc.

CSM and you - Get your needs heard by CCP

Drugs usage - Drugs are good, m'kay?

Early Eve - Honestly, while being great, was terrible.

ESI Gating - How you join caps or get access to good space.

ESI Gating short- How we break up our space. -discord version

Eve Online game engines Dogma and Destiny - Server 'ticks' are annoying but need to understand them a bit.

Evermarks- How to do paragon mission to earn EM to get alliance or corporation logs. - discord version

Fake Standing Fleets- How to remove fake standing fleets.

Injecting SP is dangerous - earning skill points naturally is better, though slow.

Jump Clones and Death clones - Moving around and surviving to get back out there

Moving days - Moving from one place to another.

Potato mode -all the things to turn things off, INCLUDING SOUND

Setting up the UI - mine and advice on it - Figure something out that works for you, but my example might help. Setup my overview here too.

Skill point usage - Save SP for extra emergency skills, but otherwise use them.

Skills and what to train - The Magic 14 and others - Yes train skills

Stacking penalties - Use no more than 3 modules to boost the same thing.

Timers - Session, aggression, cloak, jump fatigue timers - 10-20 seconds to 5 hours later, know the timers.

Test Server aka Sisi - Test things on the test server!

Visualizations - Links on Tackling, turrets, missiles, ewar from CCP! Discord version

Warping in eve -75% speed, do math, warp!

Ship parts:

Ammo - Bring a lot of cheap stuff - Bring the right ammo. T2 is very cheap compared to faction.

Capacitor/Shield regen - Don't pass 30% regen

Capitals and you - You need how many accounts to run capitals? damn.

Compare modules - Compare button makes finding what's better easy.

Drones 101 - my first tip - drones work between 20km to 60km away in most ships.

Fitting ships - Steal them! - Check zkill losses

Fitting ships part 2 - Ask experts and pick the right ship first

Meta and Tech level modules - How to know what module to use.

Rigs - Yes use rigs. don't be afraid to destroy rigs to move a ship through a Jump Freighter

Safely moving to our space- use shuttles! - Interceptors no longer have passive nullificaiton

Shield boosting - Covers regen mostly, but it's the same thing as cap regen but more detail.

Ship Mastery Tab - Train stuff that helps that ship class

Small ships can be better - Don't rush to get into a big ship, you'll lose it.

Tracking - big guns can't track, small guns can't reach. How to tackle and spiral as well.

Training pods - Don't use implants initially or start with a pair of +2's and see if you lose them.


Bombing 101 - Older graphic but a good video on bombing.

Broadcasting - Broadcast when you're yellow boxed, not red box.ed

EWAR 101 - Which ewar for which logi?

EWAR 102- All on one or spread them out?

Fleet Finder - Find a fleet, go on an onboarding session or join standing fleet. Also, how to create an advert on fleet form to forming a fleet

Fleet Command - Listen to the FC - Do what the FC says and we all win.

Gate camping and getting kills - Camping the right gate might be fun and you enjoy talking to your space friends.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Use them! - Don't remap everything, use the defaults mostly.

Interdictor - Why and What - My favorite topic, I did a dictor 101 class as well.

Overheating - Get Thermodynamics, overheat on first cycle nearly everytime, watch out of second time, and try not to heat third cycle.

Reorder modules to do things in order - 1. Be in the right place 2. Move the right way 3. Do the right thing. 4. then shoot the primary

Reship - Get back out there, soldier!

Ships on standby - Make sure you have ships ready to go that are helpful.

Small ship suggestions - Being good at one ship is better than trying to do everything!

Support ships - What to fly in a fleet when you can't fly the main ship.

Whore on kills with a civilian gun - Get a civilian gun off a corvette to get on those kills.


Alphaing and clearing your guns - Why you listen to FC when calling targets and clearing your guns

Asset Safety - Exfil your loot! - 'Open cargohole' on any citadel helps you get the loot out for 15% it's cost.

Battleships bad! - Stop trying to play a 2015 game in 2023, the rules changed.

Drifter holes - Wormholes that are always there - These take time but are easy. And how to build evemaps.

Exploration is good money - Explore and get a lot of isk and learn how to play, rule of six, etc.

Faction standings - Raising them - How to raise faction standings...

Faction standings and Jita alts- ...why jita alts might like faction standings by saving on taxes

Incursions 101 - Where Incursions spawn, and what they do.

Looting in Horde - Yes, loot all the things. AFTER everything is dead.

Mining in High Sec- Don't do it

Probing - How to do probing, combat probing is hard though.

Ratting basics - (old thread) Very basics of ratting, real video helps a lot.

ratting basics v2 - better version of ratting thread

Wormholes - Wormhole basics.