Meta Modules

Meta modules on items

Thank you to Riddik Aldemir Stasarik for the idea. has more detail on this subject.

All developed modules in eve generally have 6 'levels' of 'good'. They use the 'meta' level to indicate it, going from 0 to 14. So, when you can't fit something, find a meta. If you want it to be better and you have the isk, can get the faction. The Variations tab in show info in game has all of them.

Let's take an example:

T1 - Drone Damage Amplifier I - 15% damage, 27 cpu, 53k isk - Used on newbie frigates/cruisers

meta - AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier - 17% dam, 25 cpu, 89k isk - Used on Vexors

T2 - Drone Damage Amplifier II - 20.5% dam, 30 cpu, 1.2 mil isk - Used on Gilas/Ishtars

Faction - Sentient Drone Damage Amplifier - 23.8% dam, 20 cpu, 120 mil isk - Used on Carriers/Supers

Officer - Unit P-343554's Modified Drone Damage Amplifier - 25.8% dam, 26 cpu, 8 bil isk - Used on Supers

low cost Abyssal - Mutated Drone Damage Amplifier -20.9%, 15.66 cpu, 600 mil - Built off a badly rolled faction, a bad price!

high cost Abyssal - Mutated Drone Damage Amplifier -29.7%, 27 cpu, 15 bil - Built off a P-343554!

Or use the 'compare' button in game on the 'variation' tab to easily see what they are like.

If you do a 'show info' on a module, and it has an industry tab with a blueprint, that means it was built by a player.  If there isn't a blueprint on there, that means it was most likely dropped by an NPC.

Note, you can drag Abyssal modules onto the compare tab as well!

Meta ship levels

Ships also have meta levels.  these can vary, a LOT.

Tech 1 = base generalist

Faction = Base but better

Pirate = Base but better with a gimmick!

Tech 2 = Specialist in one thing.

Tech 3 = Role switching!

The skills and costs of these can vary a lot.

At the destroyer level, it might costs 15 mil to fit a Tech 1, 30 mil to fit a faction one, 120 mil to fit a pirate one, 100 mil to fit a t2, and 100 mil to fit a tech 3.

Guns LOTS of guns

This diagram is based off some work that Hokaba Hanaya did on Eve Online Discord.   Click to see full res.

It walks you through the different types of light guns.  Thanks again to Hokaba Hanaya!

Show Info Usage

Using show info, you can figure out nearly every module in eve.

You can look at ships traits to figure out what they are strong at.

You can then do show info to figure out what skills use them.

Then look at the required for tab to see what uses what.

And it is just a bunch of linked items here.  Very easy to navigate once you learn them.

And when in doubt, ask a help channel!

Comparison tool

The comparison tool inside is great, if a little clunky.

You can use this to compare multiple different modules of different types. It has an 'estimated price' as well, which is based on market conditions and isn't always accurate. Plus doens't mean there is availability. Let's look at an exact example of Drones, which we discussed yesterday.  (see below)

I have ordered this list on one of the major attributes you will care about with drones, the drone damage multiplier. So a hobgoblin II has a multiplier of 1.92 modifier, while the warrior II has a multiplier of 1.56. Each do 13 hp on each hit, multiplied by that number.

So why does everyone use warrior ii for combat?

The speed. The hobgoblin only 3.3k/sec burn time and orbit of 660m/sec orbit. Plus their tracking is horrible with only 2.18.

Versus the warrior which is 5k/sec burn and 900m/sec orbit, with 3.56 tracking.

And then you have the damage type, hobgoblins do thermal, which is usually equal around armor and shields. Warriors do explosive, which do crappy against shield, which is what most kitey ships are using, especially small tacklers. but they can track at least. so you can switch to acolytes, which are nearly as fast.

So you have to find that balance between damage, tracking, speed, damage type, and then the factionals throw a massive wrencch into it.

Comparison Tool Example.

How to `meta` a ship

In this case, 'meta' a ship is most often used when trying to fix a ship fit you were given.

Sometimes, you are given a ship with perfect skills.  Or they link you a ship with a module offline, unexplained issues, or other problems.  So you sometimes have to fix things you're given.

If you are missing CPU, there are 10 billion variations you can do. Most involve changing a single module from a t2 module to a meta module, as listed above.

Let's take a real world example:

[Imperial Navy Slicer, NeedsToBeReal IN Slicer]

Extruded Compact Heat Sink

Heat Sink II

Nanofiber Internal Structure II

Nanofiber Internal Structure II

Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

Warp Disruptor II

Small Focused Pulse Laser II

Small Focused Pulse Laser II

Small Energy Locus Coordinator I

Small Energy Locus Coordinator II

Small Energy Locus Coordinator II

Scorch S x2

Imperial Navy Microwave S x2

Nanite Repair Paste x50

Conflagration S x2

Imperial Navy Standard S x2

This fit above is easy to fit for people with great skills.  but can be tough for someone new.  So we can change a LOT to get CPU back.

Heat sink to a compact.

Warp Disruptor II to a compact.

Or replace an entire module like a heat sink to an overdrive.

Your power grid (aka Grid or PG) is often harder to fix, though.  Because it's limited by a smaller subset of skills that change your modules grid uses.  Shield upgrades 5 is universally needed in most null sec fittings, for instance.

If you needed grid on this ship, you could change the 5mn quad to a 5mn compact.  Or change a rig to another one that doesn't increase your grid load.

You can also look at implants, but try to cap yourself at 1% because it's often just a sign of a bad fit otherwise.

When in doubt, ask someone more experienced.  It will take them literally 10 seconds to fix it.