Don't SP Inject

This is your eve tip of the day on SP injecting. Thank you to Kall Cou for the idea!

Eve is a time gated game. It encourages you to 'wait' for skills to finish. This can quickly get annoying, especially if you know what you want to do.

However, CCP encourages you to bypass this system by getting you to 'inject' Skill points. They make quite a lot of money this way, as people are impatient and want things now. However, I think this cycle is detrimental to newbies and gets them to quit the game early. Especially when they have advertising popups that are like 'Get more Skill Points now!' right after you die.

We have skill plans and ship suggestions for people to learn and fly. By the time your SP gets high enough, hopefully your in game button pressing will be good enough to fly those ships.

This is especially true of the alpha players trying to pay for omega. Struggling in a vexor? The problem is a button pressing problem, not necessarily a skill problem often. Getting into a gila might temporarily fix this problem but brings a different set of problems.

Honestly, a 'bigger ship' is rarely the solution in eve. Cheap ships can do amazing stuff. It's all about picking the job first, THEN pick the ship.

I'm just worried for newbeans struggling. Feel free to ask us. Consult the Drone ratting guide (available on the horde forums). But injecting SP is rarely the solution. Yes, Shield Upgrades V is an annoying skill to train up, but hopefully you are playing in the meantime and continuing to learn in smaller ships.

You could buy 4 large skill injectors for 4 billion isk circa 2023 Q2 to get into a better ship.  But at 25 mil an hour, it would take you literally 160 hours of the game to recoup that money, so TOTALLY not worth it.

There are alternatives. Watch some youtube videos (NOT Aceface!). Test it on the test server, aka sisi. edit: test server is dead.  Talk to experts. Be patient. Find other things to do. This is a very big game. 🙂