Newbean tip of the day: overheat constantly when you first engage. 😄

There is a skill that you should consider buying when you first start eve called 'Thermodynamics'. This skill allows you to do something called 'Overheating'. This allows you to push your modules beyond their recommended limits. This skill book is expensive though, like 5 mil.

The effect of this is that you can go a bit faster, tank harder, do more damage, reach further, etc. Everything gets pushed up like 5-20%. Most expert PVPers do this every single engagement.

When you are preparing to get in a fight, you can usually do one cycle of overheating without damaging the module. The exception is the mwd, which you can do only 3 cycles of overheating. You can only set a module ready for overheating when you are uncloaked, though. So try to get one cycle of overheated in, just as practice. Then your heat will slowly tick down. It's a gauge that is between your capacitor and shields. overheating gets you that extra 5-10% that wins you fights, long term. And knowing how to manage heat, when to repair, etc can really save your butt. 😄

If you keep your heat levels below the 1/4th mark, you can continually cycle it on and off to have it bounce around there, doesn't do as much damage. Once it's too damage, the module goes offline, and you need to either tether or dock to get it back online.

I would practice using overheating in the NBI ships we give you, every single engagement. Again, the first cycle is almost always free. You can also carry like 5 nanite repair paste and repair a t1/meta module for max 2 nanite repair paste.

For more detail, see this guide on exact math associated with heating: https://friendly-splash.space/overheating-guide/  Putting your modules on the right way can make a major difference.

https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Overheating as well!