Fleet Command 101

This is a somewhat ambitious goal to raise someone from a newbie to an FC. This is normally a mentorship approach where someone gets what is called 'Backseated'. But there a lot of baby steps in between. And a lot of room for self improvement. After I've recorded a few versions, I'll post one on youtube, similar to my dictor 101 class.

The topics I plan to cover in 50 minutes are: (With the 'answers' posted below under a spoiler tag!)

Fleet Command - The most stressful game

The importance of a single FC for a fleet

What in-game skills are important

What to practice to get better ahead of time

How to pick a doctrine (rock-scissors-Munnin)

Finding a fight

Just start FCing

How to use other people to get there

Range and your fleet

Target calling

Dealing with loss and doing it again tomorrow

Your first fleet

I'm going to be looking for feedback on this list from FCs in horde as well. But ideally, anyone with experience can take this list and run their own version.

Note that the https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Fleet_Command_Guide Eve University guide has a lot of extra detail.

Please note, this is just someone who can do small gang but gets tunnel vision so can't do the full mainline doctrine stuff. I'm good at focusing on a single thing or two, which is helpful and terrible at the same time. I'm sorry if I have ever annoyed you as well, I do that a lot. (see in game bio for details.)

Yelling at people

You are not the first FC to yell at someone. It's super common. Your emotions get up, you think of the loss that you personally will experience. Except it doesn't exactly.

What you were asked to do last night with the numbers you had was impossible, no matter what. They had more than us, in better ships, with no support. It's okay to ask for people to continue to ping to get more people for instance. It's okay to ask people to get you perches and warp ins etc. You really need to learn the probing bookmark trick, though your enemy can use it against you, I can give you that technique if you want.

So the best FC I have ever flown with was a guy named Mister Vee. When he first started, he would call people the n-word when he was mad at them (It was early internet, it was common). However, he would rarely stop the fleet to berate someone. And he stopped doing it as much because it's wasted time when he could be focused on something else. He learned that his fleet is going to do what they're going to do, and focus on the success that he expected and less on the oddballs who are fucking up. In the end, he would just say he was disappointed in people and that was FAR worse than anything else.

Let me talk about another FC who cannot hold onto people, Hedliner. I have this line in my in game bio because he's so damn toxic. He basically stopped a fleet because two scimitar losses. What happened yesterday wasn't NEARLY as bad what Hedliner did. I happened to be recording at the time, and you never know what will get posted and go viral. I never posted it, however. CCP Falcon wanted to permaban Hedliner for telling his members to kill themselves.

And finally, let's talk about a horde FC. There was a guy named Johnny. Or Musky. Or Travis. Or Deveron. Or AlphaStarPilot. Or Woodius. Or even the up and coming ones. They don't rage out when blatant mistakes happen. Never. Maybe for like 3-5 seconds, but back to action for them.

However, I can tell you who used to. Mist Amatin. Urs Blank. Those guys are gone because they couldn't deal with the chaos that is horde.

I believe in your ability to FC, it's why I've continued to help you as much as I can. Once you got a scout, you were SO much better. You show the capacity to grow, which is VERY tough for people to acknowledge they can get better. And THAT is what makes a good FC.

But in the end, you have to remember who you're flying for. You're flying for Horde, you're there to make us succeed in a video game. Being mad and yelling at people about wrong ships and being 'not fun' defeats the purpose of playing video games with you. I think Travis is honestly the most fun because he is so good at making the game fun.

DBRB is a TERRIBLE FC. He makes bad calls, he gets confused, he burns straight at kiting missile doctrines while shooting missiles. But goddamn was he fun to fly with. 🙂  I miss the dude, I don't miss his terrible FCing. heh But who the fuck needs to be good when 200 people show up to your fleets because you're so much fun to fly with. And the Ego of that man... woof. heh

Anyway, keep at it. Your personal problems are you own and talking a professional therpaist is never a badge of fault, it's a badge of honor, because you are willing to make yourself better.  You have shown that trait and that is what makes someone great, the ability to recoginze that they could be better. Persuading people with empathy and encouraging them together is a great life skill.

BTW, I'm terrible. I know it. I'm a bad pilot, I interrupt, I am helpful when  it's unwanted. If you want me settled, just tell me 'Chill Kis' and I'll stop being as annoying. In the end, people are easily confused in this game when they have never PVP'd before. And that is the only reason I asked someone to deal with this problem. I didn't find out the guy in the basilisk was in his first fleet till we were already knee deep in it. WHOOPS! But playing eve has helped in my career as an IT Professional, for sure. 😄

Anyway, you'll get better. You will feel better about your skills. You do have them. You make good calls regularly. Your target calling is good. Your dual boxing is constantly getting better. So keep at it man. 🙂

This is my talk with Eve University to address their Sov Warfare problems they are dealing with.