Planetary Interaction

Planetary Interaction (PI)

This is my tutorial on doing Planetary Interaction.  This involves training some skills, getting a specific hauler, buying some command nodes, placing them, and then regularly harvesting them.

Did you enjoy those Facebook clicking games?  If so, keep on reading.  I'm not a fan, so I'm giving a realistic viewpoint of this profession.

It is "good" supplemental income for players a few weeks in, really bad for brand new players.  This profession is filled with people who exaggerate their income and play down the amount of their life doing it.

If you are inside Pandemic Horde, please see this thread: 

I want to be successful

Your results and success depend on a bunch of questions:

This is what Success looks like to one helpful vet:

Mithral DeFrense: In null-sec I make around 1.5 million per planet ust extracting P0, per day on PI (circa 2023 Q2).

If we extrapolate this out, assuming you're doing the exact right thing, in null sec.  High sec, doing things wrong, or dying will GREATLY reduce your income.

1 character with level 4 skills: 225 mil a month

3 chars with level 4 skills: 675 mil a month

6 chars with level 5 skills: 1.6 bil a month.  And maybe 2 hours of your life a day, aka 60 hours.  But hey, more than 2/3rds towards Omega?  But might be higher because you can do P4.

Yes, I'm ready to spend money

You start off with finding where you are going to operate.  It should be the same system for all your planets, ideally.  It should have Player Owned Customs Offices (POCOs) with good tax rates in a system you will be flying near regularly.

From there, you need the following things:

Your total is now approximately 20 mil isk with all skills and a 5 centers with another 20 mil to spend in upgrades (assuming you don't burn out during setup) 

Yes, I want to click my brains out

It's not just that, you have to set a schedule.

If you do multiple times a day, you can make a lot more isk.  It is a LOT of clicking, and you need to find a place to sell that stuff.

Anyone who minimizes the time they spend doing serious PI work is fooling you.  Some are spending upwards of 2-4 hours a DAY to make these reported 'I make easy 400 mil'.  Which is an insane amount of time with this extremely boring content.

Yes, I found a system

You have to ask yourself what product you'll make. can help you figure out what planets you have available versus what 

Any account can just extract P0 and sell it.  Or vice versa, buy someone else's P0 and import.

With a single planet, you can only do P1 generally, possibly P2 with enough imports.

With multiple planets, you will be able to make a P2, the default for a new player.

You need multiple characters to do P3. Can do this if you an extreme expert and get lucky on pixel perfect placement.

You need multiple accounts to do P4.

Each one of these levels of PI require great amounts of effort, importing/buying/selling and eve knowledge and get progressively less passive and more very very active.  Which leads to burn out.

General overview

You place down command center.  You pay to upgrade it.

You place down nodes around it in a VERY certain pattern.  Certain planets are better for certain setups, and if you're doing advanced builds, you need factory planets which are organized differently.  If you mess this up, you lower your income, but can always reset.

You figure out how many extractors you can fit. You figure out how many processors you need to process it all. You make sure your bandwidth is minimized.  There is a lot of min-maxing here, so doing tight clusters of pyramids with flat tops is common.

Finally, you're ready to extract.  Place a head for the material, put it in the center of the high concentration.  Set how long it will run for.

Repeat upwards of 6 times, on different planet types.

Come back in the 24 hours later.  See what you produced to see if you'll fill your command center before you're ready for the next day.

Replace the heads in the best spots on all your planets.  Import more stuff if you're doing import/export.  I'm sorry this sucks so bad.

Have to export? Do a Launch.  Fly to the spot. Pick up your loot and don't get popped from gankers.

Take this to the place you're going to sell it.  If it's a market hub, check the price to make sure you're not taking a loss.

Wait for it to sell.  Having good accounting and Broker relations skills help with these taxes.

Been informed by Estel Ciryandor:

A juicy null-sec PI planet takes 5-7 days to fill a launchpad on daily cycles. On 3/4 day cycles, a launchpad will take 1-2 days longer while requiring a storage to balance production.  A customs office has the storage size of 3.5 full launchpads, so you can move from launchpad weekly, then move one Epithal full of product every 3.5-4 weeks.

Yes, my body is ready

Okay I warned you enough.  Now it's time to read guides out the wazzu and figure out which one is current and which one is an old patch version: - this seems to be up to date per Incursion patch. has some easy math to figure out what you can make with what.  (Alternate PI map) map of what planet does what has the prices of each step.

I've also include a recent video on setting up PI in a youtube video, though his placement is sus because his connections are long, so high cost.