Incursion running

Incursion running involves using battleships and logistics ships to run the same site, 4-10 times an hour, and basically print isk.  It's high skill point, high effort, high attention, and high boredom.  It's very, very repeative.  I do not recommend it unless you absolutely need to.  Injecting to join them is a really bad idea as well.  You can use it to get omega as an alpha, but Making Omega this way is a great way to burn out.

After all is done, you will have some isk and a TON of LP.  You then need to convert that LP into isk.  This can be sometimes challenging.  concord LP can be converted into most of the faction's LP.

Incursions Inside Pandemic Horde

Greetings, this is your eve tip of the day on incursions.  Thanks to Dynomike Holt for the idea!

Sansha incursions take over space covering an entire constellation. When they first invade, the incursion has a very high strength. Unaided, these incursions last 8 days, and will go from Established, to Mobilized, to Withdrawing. By completing sites, you get the influence to zero, and the negative reduce. Then kill the mothership. Once it's completed, it's over, and the incursion will spawn somewhere else in space.

This comes in 3 flavors, 5 total.

These sites come in 5 types. The sites run like PVP fights.

And the negatives:

These reward you in a lot of isk and concord LP, which is unique.

Have questions inside horde? Join Beancursions!

Incursion groups outside horde has the full list of incursion groups, which I have replicated here.  (Sorry for outright theft here)