Loot sorting

This is your Eve Tip of the day on Loot sorting!

Some of you might be struggling to pay for everything you want to do in game, and might be shorting yourself on fun. Well, did you know that you can make money while PVPing?

Horde works with extremely *open* loot policies. https://www.pandemic-horde.org/forum/index.php?threads/standing-fleet-information-and-rules.2148/  has how that works. There are exceptions with PANKRAB and other other entites that secure the kills though.

Loot now, sort it out later! Returning friendly loot generates good will. Any abyssals or Faction that a friendly drops, try to return it!

First, assoon as the fight is over (if you live), start approaching the advanced and elite ships, check their wrecks. If you have a big cargohold, like a destroyer, you can hit enter as soon as you open it and it will loot everything. Or, you can use an item filter. I have one named `1 expensive` stored in my `kissist` channel in game. Just drag it to your cargo. Or hit control-a, control-c, go to your cargo hold, and control-v.

Second, get it safe. Warp to the nearest friendly fortizar, DO NOT DOCK, when you land, left click it. in selected items, there's a selection called `Open Cargo deposit`, drag items into there, hit `transfer`. This keeps this loot separate from your stuff for your unfit ships.

Third, you got a nice pile of stuff! Fly around in a destroyer and pick it all up, can easily fit a ship to be 2 second align and watch intel closely, with cargo expanders. When you get it back to the keepstar, you have created a `Station Container`, which is free in my BPC pack. You can get a `Giant Secure Container` if you find you store loot for too long. Rename it to 'Sell'. Watch out for repackaging it!

Fourth, time to sort. Do this once a month. Change the `view mode` from `icons` to `details`. You can right click on the columns to add the `show est price`. I also recommend adding the volume and meta levels.

Fifth, sell once a month. You can put them up in mj-5 market. Sometimes taxes might take too much out, so you might create a second can of `melt down` or `ship`. If someone lost it, someone else most likely wants it. Every meta level above meta is worth selling. You can use http://evepraisal.com/ and https://janice.e-351.com/ to find out jita prices. We have VERY cheap shipping, so you can just bulk export to jita, which will always buying. Never ship bulky stuff like stront, cap charges, and other low value stuff unless it's also low volume.

Sixth, ship everything that didn't sell previously or think can't sell in MJ-5. Dump your 'good' stuff to a unique `Station Container` called `store`, move your selling/shipping stuff to your normal hanger, put up your contract to move via the shipping services, and then contract it to your jita alt to sell.

Anyway, keep on losing ships in PVP, and if you survive, loot the field, and make money to pay for your lost ships :D

Eve Online Tip of the day:

Loot stuff. 😄

Horde is an open looting alliance. any kills we get beyond the MOST expensive ones are generally open looting. Including in NBI ships. So it's good incentive to survive to the end! After stuff is dead, warp off to a nearby spot, or bookmark you made near the start, and then warp back to a wreck, loot it, make a bookmark fo another wreck, dump it a nearby structure if yo'ure full, warp back to the other bookmark you made, repeat. You can make good money this way, I'm at 2.5 bil in t5z thanks to looting.

Note, some other alliances don't feel the same way. And others get very upset if you're only looting and not helping with the killing. So use your brain. Join standing fleet and always help them out, and then when it's over, go loot it.

PS, if you get first tackle on it, you're already right on top of the guy, easy to loot. Setting up a loot filter to make it easy to grab the valuable stuff is easy too.

Mirriana Diamond: quick caveat to the above: You might be tempted to use an MTU to clean up a battlefield. This is strictly against horde's looting code as this makes it extremely unfair to other people who might be trying to salvage the field. They are only allowed in your own private ratting sites to reduce drama. Otherwise definitely hop in a quick tackle frigate and see what you can come up with. You never know when someone might drop a faction module or some drugs worth 25m or something