Useful Eve Online Sites

These are the sites I find useful for me, along with images and videos I use often to explain concepts.

Daily use websites -  Unofficial mapping site of eve.  Shows you where people are dying, general maps, and can build custom maps. Also how you move caps around using the range/navigation. - Used to show who was created when and joined with corporation, broken by API setup, but still shows you useful info. - The unofficial killboard run by Squizz.   Shows you who died in what, where, gives you a good idea of people's main timezones.  - Battle report creator. - Shows you what area has pods lost, allowing you to create routes to bypass gate camps. - Paste to to show what the fleet comp and local comp is to show to FCs. - How much is it worth, split?  (Horde specific) - Moon Mining where? (Horde specific) - How do I get through thera?  In game channel Eve-Scout.  See my video on navigating thera! - Identifies wormholes and systems with their specifics - Test out fits before you undock, including skills.  Expanded in game version, needs full HD to use.  Thanks to @SmallBrain on discord for it!

In game channels

Go to Neocom (E in the upper left corner), utilities, Notepad. Then paste this chunk of text, it preserves the HTML in it.  It has almost all the fits you need for the first few weeks.


<url=joinChannel:player_814f0d218e0e11ebbaad9abe94f5aa9b>Career Systems</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_508143c0989211eea5ce00109bd0fa48>Fittings Encyclopedia</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_c8d3d5218efd11ee888500109bd0f828>Max Alpha Ship Channel</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_08ffd980140111eb91de9abe94f5a39b>L1-3 Mission Fits</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_7cf8d0510ff411eb973f9abe94f5aa9b>L4 Mission Fits</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_-88349781>Fits for L4 missions</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_24e4120f3d5211e985a19abe94f5a43f>Faction Fits</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_d35e38803d5611e983e39abe94f5a43f>Industrial Fits</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_14bbe0f00ba411e9a4179abe94f5a167>Abyssal Lurkers</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_6ef97440b4be11eb9be29abe94f5b483>Overview List</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_06dacc4f808c11e999fa9abe94f5a39b>EVE Trade Hubs</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_d8b24a0f26e611eda2879abe94f5a43f>Starting Destroyers (SOE)</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_fa23149e64ea11ebb0669abe94f5a167>Sisters of EVE Help</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_de994940182f11eca4e89abe94f5a167>Mikes Skill Plans</url>

<url=joinChannel:player_-79741483>Beginner Fits</url>

Daily use programs:

Only use open source programs in eve! - Evemon - Skill training plan - What am I training next? - Pyfa - Fitting tool - How do fit that? - Jeve assets -  Tracking assets - I have how much stuff? - Slazanger Mapping Tool, for getting notifications when intel channels report someone near you. - Eve-o Preview for running multiple clients.

 ( - check these programs to confirm they're okay to run.) 

Other useful sites - What does the eve API show me? - New hotness of the eve online database! - What is in the eve online database? (out of date) - How do I share this spreadsheet with you? - You have how many SP? - Share your skills with others. - Share skill boards with others. - How do I fit that ship? (note, find fits on zkill, NOT here) - What spawns in this mission? - How do I do industry stuff?  And sell LP. - Tripwire, a wormhole mapping tool - Pathfinder, another wormhole mapping tool. - PI Material Trees - Cookbook style industry page - Planets In Space, a PI tracking site - Ashy has a bunch of useful guides! - How do I fit this ship to run this filament? - Rykki's Wormhole guide  Thanks Grubu (aka @popup)! (he uses the best overview too. heh) - How much isk for an abyssal?  - A complete guide of what to do in eve.  Their Complete Eve guide is fantastic. - What did that word/jargon mean? - Rescue me in wormhole space! - Main wiki site for the community

Bob's Prayer

Our Bob,

Who art in wormholes,

Hallowed be thy J-Tag,

Thy system effects come,

Thy sigs will be scanned,

In static as in home,

Give us this day our daily PvP,

And forgive us our carebearing,

As we cleanse those who carebear in our system,

And lead us not unto hisec,

But deliver us from local.