Joining fleets

Most PVP happens inside 'fleets'.  These fleets can warp together and do great things as a unit.

To use world of warcraft terminology: While a corporation is a bit like a guild, and an alliance is a bit like a group of guilds, and a faction is a bit like a group of a group of guilds, fleets are a bit more like groups in other games.  These groups can be a two person fleet for a cyno chain, or a 250 mega blob of battleships to destroy a keepstar.  Or anywhere in between.

You can join fleets by going to your Neocomm | Social | Fleets.  I recommend clicking and holding the fleet button down and moving it onto the bar on the left hand side.  You just have to do it once.

Once you've joined a fleet, the Fleet Commander aka FC, will tell you do things, warp places, align to things, and shoot things.  This helps your group of players do all the same things, causing a predictable outcome of boom things die.

Most of these instructions below are Pandemic Horde specific, of which I'm a member.  I have made this site to help Horde players mostly, but fleet instructions are very specific to your group.  Talk to your corporation how these reflect for your organization!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Is7mtHYcM9A has the horde onboarding that covers parts of this.

If I get demand, I'll fill this out more, but our onboarding and your corporation should help you more than most things.

Doctrine support ships in Horde

If you didn't know, there is easy shipping from jita. Watch this gif https://imgur.com/gallery/1WynqCb has how it works and https://www.pandemic-horde.org/forum/index.php?threads/industry-buyback-freight-megathread.3759/  has the shippers. I would ask in channel who people use. If a full blown jita alt is too much, fly to Paala in a shuttle and remote order it.  Stuff will show up generaly next day.  NEWBIES, DO NOT HAUL IT YOURSELF

You need at least one of a doctrine ship of the appropriate ships in f4R2 and MJ-5.   You should be using a shuttle to move a jump clone to f4R2.

If you cannot fly the mainline DPS ship, with the required T2 guns, don't try to halfass it.   Pick a support ship.  Tons of easy support ships.


"But Kismeteer, I can't fly a xxx ship, I can't come!"  Please!  Come in one of these lesser required skill ships.

Armor doctrines - Paladins, Tempest fleet issues, Zealots

Dragoon, Confessor, (Auguror less used)

Shield doctrines - Rokh, Sleipnirs, Ferox Navy Issues

Kirin, Svipul, (ospreys less used) Mix of t1 t2 gun options.

Or, you can just train for a support ship on EVERY fleet:

Keres (armor or shield), Hyena (armor or shield), Raptor, most interceptors, Interdictors (sabre for casuals)

Train one of these and you can easily join every fleet.  We give out free ships, forever, by asking in Newbeans in game.  However, you need to be READY to be there for the fight, and lack of preparation means you are not prepared for war.

Fleet 101

Greetings, this is your Eve Tip of the day on fleets.  (Horde specific)

Are you confused about where you're supposed to be when on a fleet? There are a couple things you can do to keep track of the fleet!

1. Get on comms. Setting up mumble is critical. You don't necessarily need a mic but it helps. Mics are cheap these days too, you can even get your headphones with your phone to act as one, though everyone might hate you.

2. Read the ping. When the ping goes out, read where you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to be in. We have normal comms and coalition comms, read carefully.

3. Join and read fleet motd and the fleet chat. 😄

4. Check the map. We cover this in onboarding 101. Open the Map, go to the gear, and settings, personal, my fleet members. This shows a bright red splotch where the rest of your fleet is.

5. Catch up in something small. If you're far behind, you can usually try to catch up in something small, and ask in fleet to do so. Your FC will be quick to volunteer that. An interceptor might be necessary if they're super far, with an interdictor nullifier I fitted.

6. Open the Fleet History window. Fleet is under 'social' in the eden comm, drag it onto your tool bar on the left hand side, and open up the 'history' tab. Your targets and where to travel are there.

7. Add your FC to watch list. You will see them show up on your watch list with shield/armor/hull levels if you're on the same grid. You have to be on the same grid to catch fleet warps. See picture, I'm not on grid with Kismeteer, but on grid with oxygen. This works while docked and viewing outside! Add ships similar to you for extra info.

8. If going through a gate, assume red (Stop) unless told to jump. Don't say jump basically ever. Ask gate status. Green means go! If confused, can use the watch list.

Most importantly, start with questions in fleet chat so you don't talk over people, or just ask locally if really confused. or come to the Newbeans channel.

Be Ready for all Doctrines

It's your Eve Tip of the Day.

If you want the best chance of a fight or fun in eve, it is always best to have ships fitted, ready to go, with rigs on, ammo loaded. You might wait on insurance on your first undock, but if you know you're going to try to lose it in inside 12 weeks, 3 months is a long time for platinum insurance. If you think we might 'move' soon, which isn't the case right now, you can hold off on rigs till last minute. but DO NOT forget to put them on.

This way, when FCs call for those doctrine switches, you can jump in those ships immediately and ready to go. This takes isk to play, of course, but it's typical of any MMO. Arm yourself for the chance of a fight, which is the reason I play this game, at least.

There are a bunch of ships that are 'utility' that are useful in almost every single fleet doctrine, and it's better to fly those well than it is to half-ass a muninn. The exception is logi, whenever you can logi4 something, do it. Logi are always helpful, even if you don't know what you're doing, because they can teach you. I really like the dictors, only because they're needed on almost every doctrine.

If you're doing the same ship type that is squishy, I tend to have a multifit of those dictors ready to go, usually 3-4. If I lose one, and I'm expecting similar fits, i'll import another set. This will tide me over till the next SRP run. Which can be a little chaotic sometimes. And if you're poor, try to stay on top of them.

For NBIs, have one of each of the combats so you can easily load them. I personally find the maulus the best for small gang, just because it is so flexible - range damp ships so they can't operate at long range, scan res damp scimitar/basilisks to prevent reps, range damp tackle! The Griffin is great if you have a known ship type target that you can outrange. The Crucifier is great against thrasher/muninn/eagle fleets, but can't do anything against caracals/cerbs, so it can be a mixed bag.

Join the right fleet

Here's your Eve Tip of the Day

The fleet finder window can help you find a helpful fleet, but be wary, it can be used for evil!

The fleet advert can be modified in ways to allow you invite hostiles. You can manually invite hostiles into a fleet. Once in a fleet, a smart hostile pilot can prevent you from session changing by constantly moving your position in the fleet. So if yo'ure in an enemy fleet, you can be in a VERY bad position, especially if you allow them to warp you.

We have a current example up in TKE Standing, with two different fleets up, one under friendly and one under a hostile.

The key is to look for the icon next to a pilots name. blue or green means in your alliance or corp, yellow can mean negative sec neutral, orange and red means hostile, grey means neutral.

Learning these icons can help you make the correct decision. Most of our standing fleets should be owned by a Standing Sheriff on the right hand side or trusted individuals. Feel free to ask in comms which is the right one if you're confused.

I've pasted an example as well showing all 3 variations. 😄 two of these are solid, two are bad.

If you are creating a fleet, I'd recommend these settings:

(note, standing fleet for horde, you include 'based on standings' and set it to +5)

Listen to the FC

Greetings, this is your Eve Tip of the Day.

Listen to your FC. This is a simple thing, and hard to get people to do.

For DPS ships especially, if your FC says to stop shooting, stop shooting. This will allow your next shot to alpha through things. If they say unlock, that means unlock, and that means if you have a clear lock list, your next shot is more likely to alpha through their shields. You always always shoot the primary, never the secondary. Always leave all your guns stacked unless told otherwise. Your ship has to be the cookiecutter style that your FC picked, don't drop a gun or change out a module unless told specifically. If it doesn't fit, ask if there is an acceptable modification or switch to another ship. Or train more shield upgrades or advanced weapon upgrades, which is the more common problem.

If you are in a tackle or a snowflake, you can think for yourself a bit, but there are a couple commands that are more important than whatever else you're doing.

1. If you hear 'get out of bubbles', that means get out because your FC wants to get out.

2. If you hear 'hold' that means you don't go through the gate. A single scout can go through sometimes, but there might be a full fleet on the other side that could alpha anything.

3. If you hear align, try to align as soon as you can, more important than shooting stuff.

4. If you are struggling, talk in fleet chat or join the newbeans channel and we can help you. If you are told to keep fleet chat clear, then keep it clear.

5. If your FC is busy calling targets, you can -1 in fleet, but never talk about dying if things are busy. If things are relaxed, and you're dying somewhere, can often tell the FC.

6. If you are tackle, you tackle at the beginning of the fleet, and at the end. Wait at a perch, waiting for the FC to call for that tackle. Surviving to the end is good too because then you can loot.

You'll learn these things through practice more than anything else! 🙂

Don't shoot pods

good morning fellow new beans, your tip of the day.

These large fights tend to go on and on and on. The group that can reship quicker is more successful. If you get killed, and podded, you can reship instantly. So, we encourage you NOT to shoot pods, as they then have to wait 2 minutes to self destruct. In tidi, that 2 minutes could be 20 minutes. And that's 20 minutes where an enemy ship is not there. So... Don't pod. 🙂

the minor isk increase on your killboard isn't worth it, generally.

if it's small gang or the FC calls it, then it's cool.