Asset Safety

Asset safety locations has a map of where your stuff ends up when you asset safety it.

Greetings, this is your eve tip of the day on asset safety.  (note, this is Pandemic Horde specific)

When returning to the game after a absence, you might have ships trapped in bad places for you. All the NPC stations that were owned by players got converted to 'citadels'. Those citadels most likely got destroyed, so your stuff got dumped to asset safety. After 5 days, you can move them to another citadel in the same system for 0.5% tax to evac them. After 20 days, it will automatically get moved to the nearest low sec NPC Station by AU and you pay 15% to extract them. If the structure was in a wormhole or went 'low power', then your stuff is ejected into space when it dies.

Note: You do NOT want to bring nearly anything from old deployments to MJ-5 honestly. Most of the meta has changed over the years, and it's better to buy new, sometimes locally, and learn to play the game again. Don't bring a golem if you just returned, go back to vexor ratting for a bit.

So, you have expensive stuff in random low sec stations, you have a couple ways to move them.

1. Capitals/supers, sometimes easier to sell in place. Otherwise need recon ships which are expensive, or mobile cyno generators, which cost 40 mil per, and die after one use. strip them beforehand though, because easier to move the stuff. Can reach out to `**REDACTED**` if you're struggling to move a cap.

2. Capitals, Freighters, Orcas, and other large ships below 2 mil mass can use wormholes to move around. You scan wormholes every single day, find one on that can fit the mass of the ship through, while also leading to a 'better' space for you. can take a couple weeks, scan once per day.

3. Subcaps, you can use a filament chain, a couple options here. You want a cloak and a travel fit first, use an alt to move it out there. Set death clone in the system you have all your gear in.

3a. Use Pochven. Enter pochven `Cladistic-5 'Krai Svarog' Filament` after making your own fleet, and warping to a safe you make with a pod. You then wait 15 minutes, then use another safe in that system to use a `Proximity-5 'Extraction' Filament` (or the cheaper Glorification-1 'Devana' Filament ) to extract to high sec. Note, if you can burn to `Raravoss` and extract from there, you will land a few jumps from jita. (See moving in high sec below!)

3b. Use a stack of 'signal' filaments. This relies on the fact that we are VERY active in certain timezones. You bring your alt like 5-10 `Signal-5 'Needlejack' Filament`, and then you just patiently wait, while cloaked, as you try to land nearer to your destination in null sec.

3c. You use thera. This is VERY dangerous, as some thera holes are camped. But it's fast to move around the galaxy.

3d. You can look into using uni-wormholes. these wormholes use 'jove observatories'. This are actually EXTREMELY easy to use. You'd have to look around your low sec systems nearby your stuff for jove observatories, and then it's just a matter of scanning holes on the day you want to move once you have one appear in system. has a map of where they appear in each region.

3e. Yolo to high sec. Honestly, most low sec is dead as disco. Can easily burn with a travel fit. can show you obvious long standing gate camps.

3f. Wait for an event. There are sometimes events that automatically take you to high sec, like the winter event, using filaments.   DSHR-01H Highsec Ice Storm Filament teleports you to a specific set of high sec systems.

4. All the 'stuff', you can use to extract using haulers using similar methods, or you can pay groups like Black frog to move it for you, but it's VERY expensive.  Note that fit ships have to be repackaged to move, but most t1 rigs are stupid cheap.

5. Buy a JF and move it yourself. VERY expensive. And bad if you fuck up. Highly recommended against for returning players because it's so dangerous.

6. Leave it there! You can extract it later when you better understand stuff!

Travel fits: cloak, nullifier for haulers/interceptors/covops, inertial stabs, 1 warp core stab, can use the MWD/cloak trick if worried.

Once your ship is in high sec, you should dump it into an NPC station for the time being, until we don't have war decs. We don't have war decs regularly, so it's not that hard. Alternately, you can give it to your out of corp jita alt to fly to jita to sell. Do not bring it a regular hauler though, as those can be popped by ships costing them like 2 mil isk. Or if you do, just be ready to absorb that loss :D

Have other ideas? Let me know, I know there are a billion ways to skin this cat.

Note, using JeveAssets helps a lot figuring out what's worth it. 

Eve online tip of the day:

Did you know that you can abuse the asset safety while in deep hostile space to get things 'safe' by paying 15% of their price?

Any citadel you come near has an option to 'open cargo deposit'. You can open this cargo deposit and transfer things from your cargo to it's cargo. This item will then show up in your asset window. This makes the item 'safe-ish' so you can asset safety it. You COULD try to sell it locally but that is unlikely to work.

Note, a citadel might be gunned and could blow you up, so check it has a [0] next to the name when you click on it in space to make sure nobody is in it.

After you have the items safe, you can move them to low sec. This will take several weeks to arrive there, you can't always predict which low sec they will show up unless you do the math ahead of time. But it will be the nearest low sec NPC station. To get them out, you will need to pay 15% of the list price of the item. Which is less than losing 100% of it to a gate camp on the way home. 😄

Picking all these up is annoying, I'll warn you, because they'll get scattered everywhere. But it's doable.

Want to find your asset safeties?

Go to Personal Assets and 'Search'. Close all stations so it's nice compact list. search for 'misc', which is what the 'type' of can they are. Open all the station lists with those cans. You cannot look directly in these cans. But, you can then remove the search, and then all the stations with an asset safety can will be available to look at. an example below:



How I am going to move 54k m^3 of t1 fighters from a low sec station might be difficult. I suspect the cap boosters might just die there. 😄 You can just delete the can of stuff there too, even remotely, if it clutters your window

SeabirdResearcher1: An extra tip here: if you're robbing enemy ESS in a cheap t1 cruiser, this is a very good way to extract the tokens if you're being chased.

edit2: If you are interested in finding a nice place to do an exploration site, why not take a filament or two? Noise-5 'Needlejack' Filament only costs 130k in empire.