Career Chart

Career Chart History

There have been multiple attempts at career charts, here is the most recent one from Mu'ad Diib from May 2022, based on the work that Altrue did in 2016.  This is treated very differently than Xy's Beginner Activities as well, though I might use his as the basis of the scales instead.  And all of this was based off the Eve Career Chart.

Links to other charts

Mu'ad Diib's May 2022 chart

Altrue's 2016 chart

So you're going to do your own?

Yeah, feel it needs to happen.  Have to make it more dynamic, make it easier to understand, make it easier to edit and publish, and most importantly, link it to people to show them that eve is HUGE and there's so much to do.  I had hope to have a partner to make it look pretty but looking pretty is a higher priority than being functional for some, which is fine. :D  I just want it usable.  So this is what I came up with.  I know the data at least, so that's easy. :D  I can then link to other parts of the site to give better structure.