Mumble setup

This is your Eve Tip of the day on configuring mumble and discord. This is covered in the Corp Bulletin, but I have a few extra steps here.

Are you shouting during Standing fleet? This is how to setup your 'whisper' key. You need two buttons set, one for push to talk to everyone, and the other to talk to your current channel. Your whisper or 'local' key will be the default to use for standing fleet, for instance. There are two versions, one in a compact mode, and one in a long strip version with arrows. Both are the same, both setup below.

Below these details on setting up the two keys, push to talk (global), and whisper (local), you also want to turn off notifications. I have a picture on how to disable those, I have included mine below.

You can also setup Talking UI, as DX12 disables the overlay. Note that Talking UI is honestly way better than overlay too. I have included a picture below.

Finally in mumble, there are instructions on changing the 'skin'. I've included those below.

Concerning Discord, there are several things to note concerning it's setup. The most common 'error 500' when try to join discord is easily fixable, thank you to Storm Delay for posting this: 

If you messed up and put an alt as your main and vice versus, you can swap them here: 

Some of the sigs use multiple discords, rather than just the main one. You can join them under here. 

There are also optional discord channels you can consider that are open to join. 

There are also open groups that you can join that will automatically add you to other discord channels 

Finally, there are closed off interest groups that all have different requirements to join. Please read the applications to the different groups before applying.  has the list of interest groups. Once you realize you can be accepted, you can do  Some, like blessed beans, can tell you in advance if you meet the requirements. 

Anyway, pictures in this thread. :smile:

Mumble push to talk + whisper setup, compact version.