Logistics aka Logi

Logistics, aka space priest, aka remote repairs (reps), is the act of providing active repairs to a ship while it's in crisis.  It comes in three flavors, Shield, Armor, and Hull.  The first two have unique play styles.  A logistics pilot is the gold standard of 'useful pilot' in any pvp and some pve based fleets.  It's the most rewarding thing in the game to repair someone who's hit hull and keep them into the fight.  Logistics decide most null sec fights.  Those who can repair damage instead of just getting alpha'd generally win.  You can see in my Pick a role presentation how important these ships are.

Once you decide to be a dedicated logi pilot, your life changes somewhat.

This is not to be confused with Shipping, which is also sometimes called Logistics as well.  I was a Logi main for a very long time, in fact was one of Mister Vee's first logi anchors.  So I'll try to get a comprehensive view on what to do a logi pilot, but apologize if anything is out of date here.  Thank you to Judai Odunen for the request!

If you are inside horde, please read this very professional guide: https://www.pandemic-horde.org/forum/index.php?threads/a-newbeans-guide-to-flying-logistics.1239/ made by Mithral DeFrense

The basics of remote reps

There are multiple types of reps that are useful at different times.  This is just a run down when to use which.

If you are in a small gang, around 5 or less, you will often be active tanked.  You will be required to provide your own local reps.

Once you get above 5, a single logistics person will make a HUGE difference.  Most will remain active tanked as well.  You bring up a watch list of everyone and can see people at all times.

Once you get to 20 ships, and two logistics, things change. All ships in the fleet switch from active tanked to buffer tanked, where they get the maximum amount of hardeners and shield size as possible.  You can still easily fit everyone on the watch list, though.

After 50 ships, you require people to broadcast for shield and you watch the broadcast window.  You still add your key players, like your FC and your recon ships and your fellow logi brothers.

And at 250 ships, the max a fleet can go, you are going to be the busiest person in the fleet. :)

When people get locked up, you broadcast for repairs. Broadcasting at the right time is VERY important.

Note, most ships use 'Hardeners', things that increase the strength of their shields versus certain damage types.  For instance, a Thermal Hardener might mean your thermal resistances go from 20% to 40%, so instead of taking 80 damage, you only take 60.   Or 20% to 60%, you only take 40 damage.   These come in active hardeners you have to turn on and use capacitor, and those who are passive to apply regardless.  These are also affected heavily by Stacking Penalities.  Read more about those here: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Stacking_penalties.

Shield - (size) Remote Shield Booster

These reps are the most common in the game.  The 'size' is one of small, medium, large, capital.  These are favored by Caldari and Minmatar ships, due to large number of mid slots on their ships.

Armor - (size) Remote Armor Repairer

These reps are less common in some parts game, and the only game in town in others.  The 'size' is one of small, medium, large, capital.  These are favored by Amarr and Gallente ships, due to the large number of low slots on their ships.

Hull - (size) Remote Hull Repairer

These reps are super uncommon, only for after fights, usually with drones.  The 'size' is one of small, medium, large, capital.  Nobody uses these, even though there are commonly hull tanked ships out there like the brutix and the gnosis and the praxis.

Logi ships

These are broken down into 3 groups of 2 groups of 2 groups each.  Iterative! :D

Cap Chaining

Each of these ships have a choice as well.  They can be either self sustained, or they can require a cap chain.


Just steal them.  :D  See Ship fitting how to do that.  Remember, its task -> ship -> traits -> weapon platforms.  So you pick your task first, and then everything else gets super easy.   These fits don't actually vary that much compared to dps ships either!

Actual doing logistics

Here's the easy part!  I'm doing this for the large block format, since that's how most people tend to start this out.

Then when you get an actual fight:

Most of this takes in game practice.  Insert hoyer video here. :)