Big Fights

This is your eve tip of the day on how to prepare for Big Fights.

There are a lot of video games on the market, millions. There are maybe a million you can play with up to 4 people. There are maybe 1,000 you can play with 60 people. There are maybe 10 that you can play with 200 people. There's only one that can break 2k people at the same time.  (I've done 6.5k)

We will experience tidi. We will lag the hell out of the system. We will be struggling to do basic things like 'shoot guns' and 'turn off modules'. There are things you can do to help yourself, like put yourself in potato mode and enable the `outstanding calls` menu. Moving things onto physical buttons which are more reliable than clicking on things.

To do potato mode: Hit escape, go to Display, Optimize settings on the right, click 'performance', and okay. Turn back on Turrets and Effects.

Second, disable sound. Sound requires a lot of CPU due to the positional sound.

Third, if your video card is absolutely ancient, control-shift-f9 will disable in space graphics.

If everything goes in the shitter associated with the system and modules stop responding, there are several steps you can take to help yourself. Modules might stop cycling.

1. Move all your modules to the top row so you can use keyboard shortcuts.

2. Hammer the keyboard shortcuts, the client sometimes eats mouse clicks.

3. Drag modules over top of another module, and then swap it back,

4. Your FC might ask you to right click on a module and turn off auto-repeat

5. open the 'outstanding calls' menu by hitting control-shift-alt-m and it will tell you how quickly your commands are being done.

6. Killing or unlocking all targets is the most surefire way to make sure your guns shut off. While Control-click locks targets, control-shift click unlocks targets. Follow the FC orders when they tell you unlock all targets!

Newbean wing activate!

A small ship in these types of fight CAN make a big difference. We have had multiple merlins and vigils make big differences in the last few days. Come play internet spaceships with us!

Your eve tip of the day: Massive combat.

There are milions of games that let you play with your friends. A lot that let you play with a few hundred. Very very few that let you play with your 4,000 closest friends and enemies.

Eve Online uses a system called 'tidi' to make sure that it has enough capacity to accomidate all the players. Everyone kind of gets a turn in activating their weapons and modules and commands, but has to wait for everyone to take their turns. Time Dilation (tidi) slows down to 1% from time to time if there are enough people, where commands take upwards of 5 minutes to take effect.

There are couple keys to do before getting yourself in this mess:

1. Before you login, turn off sound by unchecking the box. Sound uses heavy use of CPU to indicate where the camera is close to, and turning off sound and restarting your client is important.

2. At the same time, you can adjust your client to 'performance' mode. This is found in escape - Dispaly * Graphics - Optimize settings. I often turn on Turrets and Launchers and Effects for this as well, if I think my computer is powerful enough.

3. Open up your 'oustanding calls'. This is findable by hitting control-shift-alt-M and clicking the outstanding calls button. This displays the commands that are being sent to CCP's proxy servers to be interpretted.

4. Move your weapons/defenses to a key press. Key presses are MORE likely to get submitted through, as it seems the Eve client reads keyboard more often than mouse. When possible, use a keyboard command.

5. If your guns get 'stuck', either decycling or won't turn on, move them to another F key, like F2 instead of F1. This causes the client to say 'Hey, this guy pressed F2 too, to activate this weapon/module.'

6. When things are REALLY bad move to single shot mode. You turn off auto-repeat on weapons during that mode. Your FC will inform you when it is that bad.

7. If you log out, crash, jump gate, logging into a full node can be really bad. So, show up early, expect to stay awhile.

8. These are the types of events that tend to make the news. And it feels good to say 'I was there.' There is no other game that this type of scale.

9. If you die, reship. This is critical. If they reship more than us, they win. Having extras ready to go helps a ton.

I wish you luck. Always ask for help before you need it. And I look forward to seeing you guys there in the muck, destroying spaceships.

Good morning New Beans, here is your tip of the day concerning how the 'engine' of eve works.

Combat in eve works off an engine called 'Destiny' for ship spawning. There is a se cond engine called Dogma that says 'who goes first', but that's too detailed. But most combats work like this

1. You get on anchor and click F1 to turn on your prop mode. (Which you moved there, yes?) Always most important. If you have to 'click' on a module, it might move to second 2.

2. The server responds with your moving, and turns on your module. You hit control and click to lock up a target. The target gets no message.

3. Your MWD speed finally kicks in and you start going 'fast' on anchor. Your lock is scheduled to complete soon. You didn't preshoot your guns.

4. Your lock 'completes'. Your target gets a 'yellow' box. They know you're ready to shoot them. Maybe they broadcast for shield.

5. You click the shoot button. The 'broadcast for shield' goes out to the friendlies.

6. Your target gets a 'red' box. The damage applies from all your guns at once. The broadcast out to friendlies gets control-clicked to target them.

7. Second second of damage maybe applies. The logis lock, and have preshot their reps.

8. Third second of damage maybe applies. Maybe you staggered your guns, the logi reps start to apply, maybe they are able to mitgate it.

9. Target explodes. 😄

If you preshoot before the FC calls for it, you change the order of this. If you apply ewar out of ewar, maybe they broadcast early. The order of damage/reps can change somewhat. and I might not be 100% accurate, but i'm close here.

BUT! This is why it is important to only shoot the primary, never the secondary. Always stack ALL your guns so your can push through logi reps. Otherwise, they might split ticks.

Feel free to ask questions on this topic if you have them.

btw, this is what the 'button' layout is like on my Eris right now. I recommend setting it up like this. Note that the hambuger menu in the bottom right can change the 100% shield etc, along with notifications. I reocmmend setting shield notifications to near immediate.


the 'tick' idea is controversial, but you can see in action in heavy tidi. So if your modules ever 'not shut off', if you move them to another slot, it will cause a resend of your message of 'shut this off'. Note that the client can become somewhat unresponsive in heavy tidi as well, which is why it is better to hit 'f1' instead of clicking it, as keyboard commands are easy to get through an unresponsive client.  has the CCP statement on their engine, from 2009, and they have just expanded on it.

Alexis Veni: Expanding on tip! If you're in heavy TiDi, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M then selecting "Outstanding Calls" will show you what is going to / coming from the server. If you press F1 to shoot it may take several seconds before you actually start cycling your gun. Keeping an eye on the Outstanding Calls window will tell you if the server is processing your key presses, since things are often very delayed in heavy TiDi. This avoids you pressing the same button multiple times and accidentally cancelling your order to shoot, turn on MWD, align/approach, etc. Invaluable.

High sec fights

@everyone  We are going to high sec regularly these days, and to go there you need to check a few things:

1. Your sec status.  On your show info on you character.  Must be above -2.0 to enter every system.

2. Your faction status.  The FC can tell you what parts of space we will be passing through, in this case Caldari.  If you are -5.0 to Caldari, you will not be able to safely travel with us.  Character | Interactions | Standings shows your standings with all the factions. 

3. Faction warfare status.  Must drop faction warfare as that can also get you shot by faction police.  Can rejoin when we're done.

4. Your standings with Trigs/Edencomm.  If you have 0 or negative standings with either of these groups, there are certain system we MIGHT pass through that might get you killed. It is good to get both to positive, easily accomplished in pochven police.  There are checkboxes in navigation to show you the difference.

While travelling to high sec, can set safety to yellow.   But while in high sec, ALWAYS set safety to Green so you don't accidently get concorded.

Hopefully we can repaste this going forward for those dealing with high sec content.