Air Career Program

tldr: Can grind the Air Career program to make 750k skill points, per character, which appears in your redemption queue so you can apply it to your main.

You can redo this on other alts, or delete an alt and redo it for cheap skill points but it is a grind.  I have shortcuts on the spreadsheet as well. 

As some of you might have noticed, CCP has updated the career agents along with adding extra rewards for doing certain things in game. Some of these, you'll just naturally do over time, but others require you to go out of your way to do.

I have made a spreadsheet showing you how to 'cheese' them, ie do them with less effort. Some of these make sense, like having your friend sit on undock and just running him cap dry with a neut/nos. (Which I was doing fine till Nina got cute.  ) Others, you might need to drop horde to do, like the faction warfare ones.

I would recommend not losing a ton of sleep over these. Warping into the same gas site 15 times is easy enough, but finding the first gas site can be time consuming. And it is really only the SP rewards that are great. But it does help you cover the bases of 'do I know how this works'.

You can do this on alts as well, and apply that SP how you see fit to your characters. There could be a theory of doing it repeatedly on an alt you recycle, but it'd be only 150 SP you'd get out of doing just one of the branches, and the full thing is 20 hours.

I believe running some missions and doing the epic arc is worth it, though. You learn a lot about the game. We have had some NBIs dedicate time to learning the in/outs of these efforts, and can attest that it is better training than it is rewards.

tldr: The AIR Career rewards are not great other than the skill points, but if you want to get them easily, get 75% (3000 out of 4000 total points) on each of the paths and you get paid SP. Oh and drugs that don't expire.

Air Career Target

I added an ingame channel called Air Career Target.  It has some fits that help you finish the Air Career Program.  I also have a character called AIR Career Target that you can shoot/shoot you, you just have to supply the gear.

Just talk to me in the in #new-player-questions.