This is your Eve Tip of the Day on contracts. Contracts are hard! Don't feel bad for not understanding them.

There are basically 3 kinds of contracts:

1. Auctions - Nobody uses these, for the most part. If you put something up in jita for a very low price, you MIGHT meet the actual value of the item. If 'ts a hard to figure out value, like a officer mod or a abysal mod, they work fine. They work terrible for most other things. and they take forever.

2. Courier - Move stuff from point A to point B. You can assign them to a specific person, like your alt to move something for you. To a specific corp, like Karkinos or Multi-lemm to move stuff to t5z for you from jita. Or just public couriers. MAke sure that you have enough compnesation to cover the cost of losing everything in a courier. Especially to public contracts. DO NOT PUT ASSEMBLED SHIPS OR CANS OR DEPOTS IN COURIER CONTRACTS This breaks the 'double wrapping' many couriers use to disguise the value.

3. Item Exchange - You pay x amount for y value. Or you give x module for y module. These are used the most in our staging, sent to our alliance. You can also use these to send stuff to your not-logged in alts for 10k isk. 😄

3.1. Stock contracts are scams, avoid them.

When checking a contract for being valid check four things:

1. Who is the one offering it? If it's an alliance contract, is the person still in our alliance? Do they seem reputable?

2. What is the stuff in the contract. IS it a ship or a skin? Paste it into Evepraisal or janice to see if the value makes sense + shipping costs.

3. Can you simulate the ship to confirm it's a valid fit? Most fits should be close on CPU/Grid, and having one that has ton of room is a sign of a bad contract, wrong sized shield modules or guns etc.

4. Count commas.

The biggest target recently has been putting skins instead of ships, and that's easy to just put 'item category' to ship.

And finally, if it's 'too good to be true', it most likely is. 😄