I've decided to make a quick and dirty overview pack for those who are super lazy, using the in game client only.  The Mailing list is called KisOver2.  When I update it, you'll get an eve mailing list mail, you click, done.  I started this overview pack in 2010.

This is what the overview looks like along the top. It currently uses colors due to the new formatting rules.  

Standard - Day to day

PVP - PVP with all brackets on

PVP2 - Same, but for second tab

PVP Clear - Brackets off!

Boosher - Covers fleet important ships

Caps - Capitals on field!

LogiT2 - Hostile logis

Drones - For killing fighters and drones

Inhibs - Covers inhibs and dangerous mobiles, cynos, cyno ships.

Wrecks - Shows wrecks for looting (and friendlies)

escape - Just show me warp outs and dictors!

Mine - A mining tab that is basically the pvp tab with belts and rocks.

I prefer the order for columns of distance, name, type, corp/alliances, velocity, angular velocity, transversal

How to move to a new window, right click on a tab, move to a new window.  If you have an existing window you are loading, it will be named after the tabs involved.

Your First window defines you bracket overlay.  Your Last window defines your dscan settings.  PAY ATTENTION TO WHICH IS WHICH.   You can turn brackets on by doing alt-z if things seems messed up.  I recommend setting the pvp2 as the first window in the second overview just to prevent issues.

Note, feature preview is no longer required to turn this feature on.

To be clear: Multi-overview has the following limitations

STANDARD:  is there for your day to day action, usually used to see friendlies.  It's based off the original general, but with more helpful stuff, like the sun and jump bridges.

PVP2: is a duplicate of the pvp tab, but is required due to the way brackets/dscan is selected.  Right click on pvp2 to move to a 'new window' to have this setup.

This can be smaller than the main window, as it should have LESS information.

PVP ONLY: shows pvp ships.  IT also shows cynos, rats, and important warpable things, like unidentified wormholes etc.   It does not show your friendlies.  It also shows npcs and is most likely the best for ratting and the like.

BOOSHER: The boosher tab is a roll up tab that covers combat ships that are 'important'.   It covers combat recons (huginn/Lach), command destroyers (bifrost/stork), command ships (Vulture/Damnation), electronic attack ships (Hyena/Keres), flag cruisers (Monitor), force recons (Arazu/Falcon), and interdictors (Sabre/Eris).

PVP CLEAR: is the same PVP tab, that only shows hostiles.  but without any extra distractions, like gates, rats, etc.  You mainly use this to have a completely blank overview to control-click to snag people.

CAPS: only shows hostile caps.  You can turn on friendly caps and make a new tab if you'd like, it's a debate. :D  Let me know what you think!

DRONES: shows hostile drones, only, including fighters.   Note, it removes all other brackets, though multioverview can break brackets too.

LOGIT2: shows you t2 logi.  It does not show you T1 cruiser or frigate logi, again, a debate, I'd welcome.

ESCAPE: shows you places to warp out to.  Note, I have this on the long overview rather than the shorter one, so you have more options.  It does include dictors/hictors and bubbles, so can be a little cluttered.

INHIB: overview shows you cyno inhibs, cynos, recons, and blackops.   It shows friendly AND hostile ones.  I could reduce this down easily as well, since people get panicked, but right now it's the one that is useful to me since it also gives m the option to show what combat recons are on field.  This is new, send refinement to me.

Note shown: ALLISH: shows everything for when things break :D

WRECKS: show me wrecks only and excludes almost all ships.  Note, I used to have this on the short version, but too many times the wreck fields are far too vast.  :D  Does show other shootable structures for ratting.  You are in danger if you're in combat and looting with this tab!

MINE: shows your mining options, including belts, and gas clouds.  Shows ships and NPCs as well.  This is brand new and could use refinement, please let me know.

What the overview used to look like, they got rid of (easy) bolding on titles in the last patch.  You are limited to 14 characters, and has a chance of wiping your titles entirely if you pass it somehow.   And the <b> </b> is another 7 characters that can just hose you.

Note, if the overview gives you just a couple columns and wipes everything out, Restore under the Misc Tab.

(Dog Tax!)   Interested?

1.  Join the mailing list in game (Mail | Add Mailing List | KisOver2).  You will get a mail giving you the latest overview.

2.  Click the link to 'Kismeteer's Overview (date)'.  It will load all the overviews with most of what you need.

3.  Get mails from the mailing list from time to time, letting you know of updates.

Alternately, you can join the in game channel 'Kissist' or look at Kismeteer's bio to get it.  if you want to read about it.  if you want to see it.