Alpha Strike

Greetings, this is your eve tip of the day on alpha! Thanks to Haunting Diety for working with me on wording.

If you hear FC saying 'clear all guns' or 'unlock everyone', that's an FC who knows how to alpha! Hedliner is great at this.

Planning is the FC's job. Eve is very range dependant. They choose range, ammo, damage type.

The way this works, they will tell you to stop shooting someone, but you want ZERO targets locked.

Scenerio 1:

Second 0: "Clear guns" (Everyone does shift-control click on all targets, nothing locked.)

Second 10: *waits the time it takes to have guns cool down* (Munnin is 9.4 second max, so... wait 11?)

Second 11: *FC finds new target in range, clicks X to broadcast*

Second 12: "Lock and Fire on B"

Second 13: *You hold down control, click on fleet history, preactivate full stack of guns*

Second 15: *Lock goes through, target paints on vigils already active*

Second 16: *full fleet alphas, Pilot notices immediately and broadcasts for reps and activates ADC*

Second 17: *ADC applied, second set of volleys isn't as effective*

Second 18: *Logis finish lock him, slow boys getting last in*

Second 19: *ADC still running, Reps applied, cannot kill him now*

Second 20: "He's dead/clear guns." *Waits till guns are done firing, give 3 seconds to fire guns, plus the 11, so 14 seconds*

Second 34: "Lock and fire on G"

Second 37: *Second target dead*

Second 51: "Lock and fire on K"

Second 54: *third target dead*

If your FC doesn't have you clear guns, you could fire on the wrong target, or worse the secondary. It is extra time and mistakes that can happen.

Worst scenerio if you do'nt have enough damage to break reps is broadcast, WAIT while locked, can ask for reps or people pre-fire and he KNOWS he's next, and then ADC.

I've included a graph below

munnin with ADC: 183k.

No ADC 51k.

Remember that Logi can keep a lot of targets locked, and firing against a prelocked target is an extra 225 reps a second.

Fusion has an alpha against ADC of 162. Alpha against no ADC 609