This is your eve tip of the day on capitals.  (note, heavy horde focus, I'm sorry)

Carriers (Thanatos preferred) - A really big Vexor that kills fighters

Force Auxiliary aka FAX (Apostle) - A very big repper that delays our stuff dying

Super Carrier aka supers (Nyx) - An even bigger Vexor that kills citadels

Dreadnaught (Revelation or whatever) - A really expendable big gun that kills supers

Titan (Erebus/Avatar) - The biggest gun that kills other dreads and titans.

Supercap - Super Capital, covering Titans and Super Carriers

Capitals are not the end all, be all of eve. Bigger is not always better in PVP. This needs said up front. They are used in very specific ways, and only with an FC. If you're waiting for a dread drop, it can be a bit. Carrers are used more frequently in both combat, and in pankrab saves. Supers (aka Super Carriers) are used almost more than carriers in pankrab. Titans are almost NEVER used, it's just the facts. If you want to use titans every day, I'm sorry, eve is a broken game. This also requires 1+ year of training across at least 2 characters if not more. And a huge amount of capital, ~130 billion for a fitted titan right now, can get lower by planning ahead.

However, if you do the work, you can get access to the 'end game content' of eve for big fights. SuperCaps Online is an amazing game. Sadly, we only get it four times a year, and you NEVER know when it will happen. This is also what wins us wars. Our Supercap strength is the reason for all of our wins. It's not always on field, it's usually held in reserve, but it's so powerful in the game. The rock/scissors/paper that is eve ends at the titan/dread meta. :slight_smile:

If you want to PVE and make serious money, CRAB beacons are good money in the cover of PANKRAB, our supercap umbrella. You usually run these in pairs of capitals, or pairs of super capitals, never in Titans sadly. This is end game ratting but has tons of rules. Marauders are the usual entrypoint to PANKRAB.

Still interested? Well, you gotta train a LOT of SP. But sadly, it's not on your main. Your main is your subcap character, and ideally in the subcap fleets. You also need a FAX pilot to really help out your capital. While you don't 100% have to be in an ESI-gated group, it helps a lot. (Pandemic Horde Inc is 'non-gated'.) However, training a thanatos as your first 'suitcase' to bring all your fleet doctrines is great, even non-gated.

If you're moving these solo, you need to be very careful. If you are stuck in a bad way, you talk to an FC. If you got left behind, you talk to an FC. If you are struggling, you can reach out to an NBI, but they most likely will send you to someone who specializes in capitals.

Here is the training plan you might consider. Again, multi year train, JDC 5 is required, and everything takes a long long time.

Main - Subcaps (cyno pilot, need Recon 5, Cyno 5)

Alt1 - Thanatos -> (maybe Apostle if 3 accounts) -> Nyx

Alt2 - Dreadnaught (any) -> Avatar/Erebus

Alt3 - Fly any one of the above, dedicated fax alt preferred

Alt4 - Avatar/Erebus

Alt5 - Avatar/Erebus again

etc  - Capital thread with all the skills needed. Join Cap group to see what you need for supercaps. - PANKRAB thread with all the different options.