Good monring newbeans, This is your Eve tip of the day:

Did you know that rigs are important but at the same time not that important?

When you get a ship off contract, they usually include rigs in cargo. This allows you to choose when to put them in, or if you need to move it, you can move it with a JF later by not putting the rigs in. Once you put the rigs in, the ship is assembled and usually can't be easily moved without a carrier or manually flying OR.... repackaging. And many times, it's worht repackaging.

Rigs cost VERY little on the low end. Even the small t2's cost like 8 mil, which isn't much. So always look at the cost of the 3x 300k rigs you're trying to protect. 😄 Realize that almost all of the rigs come at a penalty, which you can reduce by training the associated rig skill. You have 400 points to spend on rigs on most t1's, 300 on other ships, so plan wisely with Pyfa or in game tool.

Important rigs, ie ones I would actually use:

Armor ones - Explosive ARmor REinforcer (+explosive hole in armor), Trimark Armor Pump (+armor hp), Transverse Bulkhead (Structure Gnosis are strongkt)

Astronautic - Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer (warp faster!), Low Friction Nozzle Joints (Align faster)

Drone - Sentry Damage Augmentor (IF you're building a sentry drone boat, which isn't worth it anymore.)

Ewar - Ewar module rigs, specific to ships

Engineering - Ancillary Current Router (+PG), Processor Overcloking Unit (+CPU), Capacitor Control Circuit (+Cap Recharge), Semiconductor Memory Cell (+Cap size)

Missile Launcher - Warhead Calefaction Catalyst (+damage), Hydraulic Bay Thruster (+Range)

Scanning - Gravity Capacitor (+scan bonuses, note high rig requirements)

Shield - EM Shield Reinforcer (+em bonus), Core Defense Field Extender (+Shield buffer), Core Defense Field Purger (+passive shield tank)

Targeting - Targeting System Subcontroller (+target speed)

Turret Weapons - Collision Accelerator (+damage), Locus Coordination (+range)

https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Rigs simple chart, showing the rigs, their bonuses, and the downsides incurred.