Using alts

Eve rewards playing two accounts.  Here is an example of how to use alts to pay for your accounts. Note, the start up costs on all of these are SIGNFICANT.

1 Alpha - do exploration, 60 mil an hour.

1 Omega - Do exploration in a covops, or do ratting, 60 mil an hour ishtars but more consistent

2 omega - do ratting, 120 mil an hour ishtars, or move up to dread/super ratting which is a lot higher.

3 omega - super ratting or 3 miners

4 omega - 3 miners, 1 boosts

5 omega - 4 miners, 1 boost

6 omega - 5 miners, 1 boost

7 omega - 5 miners, 1 boost, 1 hauler.

Different types of alts

Unlike nearly every other MMO out there, Eve Online encourages running multiple accounts. These are called 'alts' as opposed to my 'main'. These can all be on the exact same email address too.

1. You can only login one alpha at a time, full stop. Anything more than one alpha by the same person is breaking the EULA and will get you banned.

2. You can log in each account only once.

3. You can log in two different accounts as long as both are omega.

4. You can only train one character per account at a time, unless you get Multiple Character Training Certificates, which cost nearly as much as a full account.

How might you use this? First, you use the Eve Online Recruitment link to have Account A invite Account B. can get you some bonuses that are significant if you move to omega.

Account A- Your PVP char, a Mining char, a Planetary Interaction char

Account B- Your Jita Alt, a hauling alt, a high sec incursion alt.

Account C- Your first cap char (a carrier?)

By having all 3 as omega, you can log one from each account at the same time. So a miner and a hauler, or a neutral alt and your pvp char. Granted, this adds up quick, like $33 a month isn't for everyone. But once you have a PI alt and a jita, alt, you don't need to train them anymore and can move onto the next character.

Details on alts inside horde are here:

Changing mains inside Pandemic Horde

Note, when using the Horde website, this can sometimes be tricky. You login as your main and then add all the char API scopes for all your chars in the 'settings' section. If you accidentally login on as two different people, which is bad. To change to a certain main:

Realize if you do this, you will lose ALL groups, all 'unique' discords, anything tied to your old account.  Note, nearly everything is in settings.  If you delete a character and it asks for it, you have to contact Storm Delay or kalbuir skate directly.

1. login to horde's website as the alt you want to remove, go to settings 

2. Delete the API scopes from the alt 

3. Disconnect discord from the alt 

4. Drop groups on your alt. 

5. logout as your alt and Login as your main to the pandemic horde site. (Note, incognito mode can help here if you've messed something up)

6. add api scopes for ALL characters. (realize you have to be logged in to eveonline with your alts to even get the option to add them, read the message in the page!)

7. connect to discord 

8. reapply to groups if necessary. 

However, each alt has their own gabloon section as well, so make sure to login as an alt to collect those.

Make sure to register your alts with circle as well so your honks get increased too! 

Note, if you're having discord won't link, just unlink it on and relink it and it should 'just go'.

edit: there's a published 'fix' here too:  This fixes the 500 errors.

Training pods

Good morning Newbeans. Here is your tip of the day.

Did you know that you can run up to three characters on the same account? They share a single skill queue unless you pay extra money, called Multiple Character Training. These extra characters usually only need a day or so of training to be halfway useful. While you can NEVER login the same character on the same account at the same time, you can eventually login a character on another account easily, as long as it is omega. So, if you use the same account, you have to logout your main and login your alt, who has no skill queue available. Or you could take the longer route of having your main logout, and login a separate alpha account that you can login. This process takes longer, but you eventually have a second character you could login at the same time, assuming you're willing to spring for omega on both.

Concerning skill points, attributes matter a lot. I've explained planning of attributes before. You can also get implants that help with training skills faster. for instance, if you are doing Exhumers, it uses Willpower, Perception. So you can get implants that boost your willpower and perception by +1 or +3 or all the way to +5. These are called training pods. I do not recommend them for newbies, because you will undock in a hurry without switching and waiting for the ship cooldown. And then you'll lose the isk these implants cost. I recommend starting with +2's, see if you remember to switch EVERYTIME you login/logout.

1. Login to pod.

2. Switch out of training pod. Every single time. EVen if just sitting in station.

3. Get into a ship, do your stuff.

4. Ready to log out, dock up.

5. Eject from ship.

6. Jump into training pod.

7. Stay in pod and logout. To remind yourself that you didn't switch.

This will make you miss out on kills because it takes you 20+ seconds longer to get ready for a fight than others.

Evemon allows you to see how much implants help. Remaps help more. 😄

8:57 AM] Alexis Veni: ^ Cannot overstate how good this method is for remembering you're in your training pod.

Once you're set up in T5Z and ready to start doing stuff in R1O, go ahead and install a JC and have implants available in that one as well. Then you'll have two training pods (one in Delve, one in TKE) so you minimize the amount of time you're out of your training pod when logged off / playing on alts / etc.

Remember to biomass your empty clones you're not using so you don't hit the cap afforded to you by skills. JC cooldown is ~20-24 hours depending on skills, and that's a lot of time to not be in a training pod!

[9:01 AM] Alexis Veni: Also, if you have a purpose-built alt you want to train into something else, may be worth to buy a month of MCT. This is what I did for an unused alt on my main account to get the Trading skills required to be an effective station trader. I went ahead and remapped to Charisma/Willpower and bought implants to squeeze the skills I needed into the 1-month of MCT I bought!