Greetings, this is your Eve Tip of the day. It is on practice. Eve is great at saying 'This is where you fucked up.' So reflect on that!

Eve rewards those who are ready. If you plan ahead, you more likely to be rewarded for your hard work. It also rewards specialists, people who fly one needed ship, and get good at it.

An example, I focused on flying interdictors. (Check my in game bio for my Dictor 101 class.) However, I'm mainly a large fleet dictor pilot, not small gang. I'm good at predicting fleets, not individual great pilots. See my loss yesterday:  (Granted we did kill two in standing fleet) I could have escaped but failed to do so.

When you first start flying in eve, you can have a couple major things happen to you:

* Tunnel Vision - You focus on one thing and ignore everything else

* Panic - Everything is happening so fast you do something silly like attack someone

* Freeze - You get overwhelmed and you don't do anything as your shield ebbs away

* Insert stages of loss here

There is only one answer to all these problems: practice.

Fixing Tunnel Vision is hard to break out of, it's the reason I can never be a mainline FC, I can do one or two accounts and past that I'm overwhelmed. If you're good at focusing on 5 things at a time, maybe try to be an FC. :smile:

Fixing Panic is just practice doing the controls and knowing the mechanics of aggression.

Fixing freezing is again just practice.

So, after you have a loss, take 10 minutes, max, and just reflect.

1. Could you have saved your ship?

2. Is there something you could have prepared before to prevent the loss?

3. Did you work the controls well?

Lose more ships, faster, and then figure out what could have gone better.