Keyboard Shortcuts

Greetings Newbies, here is your Eve Online Tip of the day

I don't want to overwhelm you here, but there are a TONS of keyboard shortcuts that can make your game more enjoyable. I'm going to focus on the ones I use daily. Defaults should be stuck to whenever possible.

A reminder, you can hover over your 'selected items' button to see these if you forget them.


- Aligning: Double clicking in space, **Double click in your overview**, OR Hitting A and clicking, even on history

- Approach: Hold Q and click

- Orbit: Hold W and click

- Keep at range: Hold E and click

- Warp: Hold S and click (I remap because mistakes)

- Jump/dock: Hold D and click (I remap because mistakes)

- Targeting: Control key click to target, shift-control key to untarget

- Look at: alt key click (when the target initiates warp, the camera snaps back to you)

- Focus camera: Hold C and click

- Show info: Hold T and click

- Activate modules: F1 through F8, shift F1 to overheat, can rearrange modules

- Stop: Control-space

- Full speed: alt-control-space

- Broadcast: x for target, have to map the rest, I use S for shield, D for Armor

- Drones: F to engage, Shift R to recall drones, Shift-F to launch favorite drones

- Local bookmarks: L

- Make bookmark: Control-B

- Dscan rescan: V

- Probe rescan: B

- Probe resize: alt-scroll wheel

- Probe reorient: double click

- Fitting: alt-f

- Open cargo: alt-c

- Talk in chat window: space

- Show window list: control-tab (find a lost chat)

- Show statistics: Control-alt-shift-M

- Select all- control-A

- Copy - Control-c

- Paste - control-v

- Take a screen shot: Windows key +Shift - S - use this for asking for help and paste to newbies.

Please go test every single one of these shortcuts ASAP!