Insuring ships

This is your Eve Online tip of the day.

SRP isn't the only way to get paid for losing a ship. Note, things like corms are not SRP'd, but any strat op totally are. Ask FC if unclear if you get SRP for a ship.

Is insurance confusing? hopefully, it isn't! Always buy platinum, always insure t1 ships you are actively using, only insure T2 if you know you're going to die, always insure if you think you're going to die in 84 days. If you reinsure something 3 times, you'll just break even on insurance.

The basics are actually very simple.

- Is it a T1 frigate that you got from NBI? Then put the rigs on and insure it just before you undock. A corm will cost you maybe 300k, will get 900k back. Corm is worth like 1.2 mil here.

- Is it a t1 ship at all that you bought? Then fully fit it, when you get ready to fly it, put the rigs on last, and then insure, then undock. An Osprey costs 3 mil, 10 mil back, worth like 11 mil out here.

- Is it a t2 ship? Maybe not insure it. Unless...

- Is it a ship that is paper thin or constantly gets primaried? then insure it. My eris costs 5 mil to insure, 16.6 mil back, but worth like 85 mil. Scimitar will totally get killed in 84 days and insurance + SRP money == paid. 😄

- Is it a capital? If you are flying safely, you should be fine. If you're doing dread drops and constantly sending into combat, your FC will tell you when to insure.

Remember these rules to boarding a ship.

- Get into ship in non-training pod. (boo on training pods!)

- Check ammo (T1 Bashing ammo is SUPER cheap).

- Check rigs are fit and fit matches FCs wishes.

- Insure.