Wormhole Navigation

This is your Eve Tip of the Day:

Did you know there is a massive network of wormholes around eve? These require specialized equipment to find, called probe launchers. I did a previous tip of the day on how to use these. You don't even need these probe launchers if you have bookmarks though.

However, there is a volunteer squad of called Eve Scout that scouts you FOR FREE. They operate out of a centralized wormhole nexus called 'Thera'. This MASSIVE system has wormholes to/from every major region, 90% of the time. https://www.eve-scout.com/ is their website, and they have an in game channel called eve-scout. The in game channel has a bookmark link that gives you in system warpable links to all the active wormholes in thera that the group is aware of.

The way it works:

1. Figure out the map. Easiest way to find the nearest to you, open the shared bookmark, sort on distance. Easiest to get into thera. Longer way is to put the system you are in the website and sort by distance to system. Ask Newbeans for the closest system from our side.

2. Confirm you are using 'include jump gates' by hitting the 'A' next to route and 'include jump gates'. This might SHORTEN your distance!

3. Burn to that system. Shuttle is awesome, cheap, it's bubble immune, less likely to have issues. Have to watch for smart bomb camps but look for flashy reds in low sec!

4. Jump into thera. Figure out the 'out sig' you are using. RTC is the best one, leading to Querious, because we have a REALLY good jump bridge network there, and lists 42 jumps in eve-scout but is only 15.

5. Burn to the home station.

Once you have your route, just go go go go and don't over think it. Import new ships from Jita, buy new ships, do'nt worry about trying to move old ships, other than moving them to jita to sell.

Questions? Ask away!

I made a video on this as well:

0. Click the 'a' next to route and make sure you are 'including jump gates'.

1. get a shuttle

2. join the eve-scout bookmark list and set destination to the nearest entrance to thera.

3. Warp to the nearest exit. Right now t5z's nearest is efu, r1o's is ebodold, I believe.

4. burn burn burn!

Eve Tip of the day:

Did you want to go from one part of space to another part of space with a HAC sized fleet or smaller? And back? Then you might consider Unidentified wormholes!

Jove Observatories spawn Unidentified Wormholes, Drifter Wormholes, or more commonly Unis. They show up on your overview. These allow you to enter them, pass through one of 5 different drifter systems, and scan down an outhole to nearly everywhere. They have around 40-50 wormholes at any given time. It takes about two-three hours for a pro to scan the entire thing, usually in an interceptor.

To use these effectively, you have one person checking for Unis in one of a couple Jove Observatory systems for a uni. If one exists, they enter (dodging the very deadly battleships that sit there), see what drifter system is there, and then usually note the signature of it using scan probes that they drop on themselves. Then you have the group trying to get there scan multiple systems for another uni with a matchin drifter system name, OR a route to a system with a matching system name.

For instance, if we have a Uni in D-W near t5z, you can see it might be 'Vidette' with signature YDK-234. You then have people back in R1o area scan down, trying to find a Vidette entrance. Realize many uni wormholes link to the same system, so it's easy to transition between drifter holes.

The main reason you don't see a lot of people using them: you have to burn 100km to get to the hole. You can shorten this by warping at a good angle at 100km, using a boosher like a bifrost, or you can travel 10,000km away opposite the warp in, and warp people straight to the hole with good math. 😄 Also, if drifters spawn while you're on the non-wormhole space (J-space) side, you die near instantly.

This has been your quick tutorial on drifter holes. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Drifters has a bit more details, but a youtube video works better. 😄

This is your Eve Tip of the day on Drifter Holes AI.

The Drifter holes have a unique AI. They are two types, Battleships/Cruisers (named Apollo Tyrannos and the like) and normal drifter Cruisers (named Autothysian Lancer). The Lancers will aggress you but don't hurt as much as the Tyrannos. Some of the Drifter battleships can do 1,300 dps along with a doomsday weapon as well. They can one shot your dictor, easy. https://zkillboard.com/kill/77537420/ 

Their task is simple:

a) killing you

b) looting dead bodies

c) escaping into the uni

So, if you're uncloaked on field with them, they will try to burn at you.

If there dead bodies, they'll burn at them and pick them up.

After that is all done, they'll burn to the hole. Slowly at 180m/sec.

So, evertime you warp in, you annoy them and they loop back to the top of their AI tree again.

So if you're trying to loot, put on your cloak and just wait. :D And try not to get caught.

Remember, you can jump in a hole at 5km, even if scrammed.

However, I didn't say how easy they are to find. This enables you to get to the other side of the universe very quickly, with targeted results super easy.

To find an entrance, look for the jove observatories. http://schildwall.phbv3.de/drifters/ then you just put them into dotlan, like this:


I built this map quickly, took about 3 minutes:


When you see an 'unidentified wormhole', you warp to it, and see the wormhole k-space signature, which matches a chart by the first letter.


Drifter System Name K-space signature J-Type System Effect

Vidette V928 J164710 Magnetar

Redoubt R259 J174618 Wolf-Rayet

Sentinel S877 J055520 Red Giant

Barbican B735 J110145 Cataclysmic Variable

Conflux C414 J200727 Pulsar

So you can place NPC Alpha account in a shuttle, one in each system, login to see if there is a uni, then safe log at a safe spot if there isn't. Otherwise, warp to it (at range!), check sig, and then boom you can get from PF to delve quickly.

(Note, residents of delve are known to roll heavily, so be careful.)

to build quick maps:

https://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Querious  - Use dotlan to get the region.

Add on a / to indicate systems after it:


Then put all the systems and/or constellations with commas.

Get your list of systems. Paste to notepad:

3D5K-R -D- XLL-Z7 -D- Null Querious -D-

8B-SAJ -D- 9NP-KR -D- Yes Null Querious -D-

remove all but the system names:



concatenate together, put commas:


Add on to the end of the URL: https://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Querious/3D5K-R,8B-SAJ,A-BO4V,A3-LOG,E-VKJV,ED-L9T,KEJY-U,MKD-O8,O3L-95,OGY-6D,RF-CN3,TV8-HS,UVHO-F,UYU-VV,W6V-VM,Z-UZZN

Boom, uni holes in querious :smile:

Edit: added Drifter behavior, how to find them, and how to build maps :D