Bigger isn't better

If you are trying to get into a bigger ship, answer:  why.

Most of eve has moved to smaller, faster, more capable ships.  And there are VERY few instances when a battleship is going to be better.

You will just create a giant target, unfortunately. 

Your Eve Tip of the day:

Are you interested in getting a more powerful ship? Well, you could go the route of getting into a cruiser or a battlecruiser, battleship, carrier, etc.

OR! You could get into a ship that fits into a better 'role' in eve. (I have a thing in my in-game bio about playing a 'role', that I love pushing.) Realize that the NBI ships we give you are inferior to a T2 version, but they work very similarly. So you can practice on the free ships.

Frigate- There are a TON of frigates that are useful for playing a role. Slasher or Merlin are amazing at tackling. Slasher is faster, Merlin is more tanky. Bantams are great at being space priest. Ewar are great, eve with just t2 mods on them. Lots of options here, just ask!

Interceptors - Usually everyone's first t2 ship. It's great for travelling, great at tackling. Survival is based on speed of reactions and thoughts, though.

Assault Frigates - Everyone's second t2 ship, after their interceptor dies. 🙂 These are t2 resist ships that survive while tackling. They have a module that helps them survive longer. I love the Wolf and the Retribution.

Navy frigates- These are VERY expensive compared to eve t2 ships, but are VERY capable. These take specialization to the next level. But rather squishy, think of it a non-nullified inty.

Logi frigates - Bantams, but WAY better. If you like space priest, this is space priest v2.0. ps Logi Cruiser 5 == baller

Electronic Attack Frigates - These are more capable ewar platforms, but honestly have a few problems. Maybe for more experienced pilots. But the Keres and the Hyena are great with a practiced hand.

Covert ops - There are two types, one is an explorer with few weapons, and the other is a stealth bomber. Stealth bombers do massive damage to big ships, and are the choice of soloers everywhere.

Mining - Venture, Endurance, Prospect all have their place.

So instead of scaling up, pay a bit more for a capable ship!

This is your eve tip of the day on battleships.

I will put this publicly because I see returning vets making these mistakes.

There are a lot of ships that are no longer worth ratting in due to the damage and sustainability of the mauraders. We no longer even battleship rat because their cost and slow speed. There are exceptions in some regions, but the time to kill and replaceable nature of smaller ships make them better. Even the gila isn't used much anymore because it so expensive to replace, like 40 hours of game play sometimes! It is better to use more sustainable ships, the vexor and the Ishtar in rogue drones specifically. If you joined eve to rat in carriers, rattlesnakes, ravens, or even general battleships, it just isn't that game anymore.

Battleships are great in level 4 missions and incursions and kind of garbage in nearly every other scenario.

These are solved problems, generally, and you extremely unlikely to come with a new meta on your own. You are very likely to just do something stupid in mj-5 and be targeted by hostiles as an easy mark. Read the ratting threads of any group you join, take the knowledge, and adapt to it. Especially if you are coming back from a long break to a much different game. all ratting questions, refer to this thread.

Today's Eve Tip of the day:

The most serious players are ones who have spent way too much time playing eve. Don't compare yourself to a specialist doing a single ship or thing their entire career if you have not spent the 10,000 hours they have. Instead, compare them to the things they have not done. Which is what you're trying to do. 😄

And another:

Eve tip of the day:

Eve is kind of like being thrown into a pool, and being told 'flap your arms' as instructions to swim. It's okay to call out for help. Because you find out it isn't a pool, it's a goddamn ocean. With goddamn SHARKS in the water! Luckily, you have a bunch of people floating around in boats or ships or carriers or super carriers. 😄 They're willing to help you out, but we need to know you're struggling.

You are also competing against some of these bitter vets, so when you try to do things like production, realize you're competing against people with lower margins for production and have freighters to move things, etc. So try to not over extend yourself, financially, without comparing it to the costs of someone who could do it for lower. You end up doing a lot of spreadsheets.

So, take the people's advice, figure they have a reason for talking about it, consider alternatives of 'hey, what if this doesn't sell.' etc.

And most importantly, don't worry about people thinking you're an idiot. I do'nt know how to change the oil in my car, it doesn't mean I'm an idiot, it means I don't care. 😄