Feature suggestions

Kismeteer's Feature Suggestions

This is just my list of things that I think will help the game.

Over all goal - Make new players less overwhelmed, make some of the more obscure and pointless mechanics less annoying, and make it easier for people to get into the game, getting shooting people, and at the same time get them to the parts of the game that are fun.

Alpha Skills increase

I have said this elsewhere, but the key is to help new players get into the game faster. Less training to do the day to day shit. I'm fine with not being able to shoot as fast or as hard or as well or as long etc. It's the 'I can't do basic shit' like warp with the fleet. these are all busy work, like the learning skills, required skills almost everyone has to 5.

Ths skinner box does not work if they put a skill in and the increase is tiny. We know people have quit over this.

That's my talk. Make the game easier for new players to find a fit they can fly. Let them cookie cutter. Stop the ones and twoies of making it hard for an existing player to come back and figure out 'what ship still fits with these skills'. It's annoying and stupid and just punishes people who return to this game.

tldr: reduce complexity on the hardest things in the game for new players and give them minor things to help them. Don't worry, it's still 36 years of skills.