Eve tip of the day: broadcasting for stuff

If you are in a ship that can fire some amount of fire, or if we have overwhelming numbers, you can broadcast for different things.

You need to make sure you know your keyboard binding for this. Broadcasting for shields can happen when you're initially 'yellow boxed', or locked up. This makes it clear that you're expecting in coming damage. If you see a paint or something, you're totally going to get fire. (Don't apply ewar early!) When you're actually 'red boxed' or getting aggression, sometimes it can be too late. Note, if you do this in a tackle ship

Broadcasting for cap can happen in ferox fleets SOMETIMES, but generally, don't expect it to help you. it doesn't help you.

If you are totally getting shot as the primary (again in a tankable ship like an eagle, ferox, jackdaw), you can also broadcast armor. This helps differentiate. DO NOT BROADCAST FOR BOMB DAMAGE. IF everyone gets hit by a bomb, if everyone spams, you can use the 'armor' broadcast to make sure yo'ure getting reps.

You can filter out broadcasts for shield and armor by going to the 'broadcast settings', and a caretaker can link their settings if you need it.

Just broadcast once. If you're REALLY getting fucked up, then you can try a second, but if you do a third, you're wrecking the fleet. Logi can hold 10 locks, so if they repped you before, they might rep you again.

I've pasted an example of what this looks like to someone without a filter.