This is your eve tip of the day on warping.

'Warp Drive Active' is the most iconic sound of any eve game, honestly. *If you have not turned off sound due to the extra CPU cost of having sound on. heh*

The way this works is that you need to be:

- Have a valid object to warp to. A point on overview, a bookmark, probed down things, anomaly, a body in space, anything you can get a 'lock' on. Some you can't lock onto, but can make a bookmark of, and THEN warp to.

- It has to be 150km of uninterrupted space. You can warp short, like 100km warp at range on a 150km range, and you'll land 50km off. But if you have a bubble edge 135km away from you, you can't warp there.

- Not be in a bubble or have a warp disruptor/scrambler effect on you.

Once you click warp:

0. CCP starts does the 'math' of where you'll land:

1. You start to align to the warp location. This is 75% of your speed. You'll continue till you hit 75%, get warp disrupted, die, or hit 3 minutes. At 3 minutes, you'll go into warp regardless.

2. Once you enter warp, you are now non-targetable, but vulnerable to smart bombs.

3. Accelerate to warp speed. 1.5 AU/sec is slow, 7 AU/sec is fast. Faster you are, faster your acceleration is up and down.

4. You start to slow down as you enter the new grid, you are vulnerable to smart bomb damage but not being locked yet.

5. You enter sublight speeds, and you start a hidden no-lock timer, similar to your hold cloak.

6. You move, you can start to act etc.

You can do things to speed up your warp as well:

- Align. This is why we encourage you to align!

- Train Evasive Maneuvering 5. Best skill in the game.

- Fit helpful aligning modules like inertial stabilizers or nanofiber internal structures.

- Turn off your your prop (MWD/AB)

- If you can change your speed from a higher speed to a lower speed.

-- Cloak + mwd == do both, wait for MWD to end, decloak, go into warp instantly.

-- Switch modes from propulsion mode to armor/sharpshooter mode in a t3c.