Useful images

Just a list of useful videos, some by me, some by others.

Brief description of eve I enjoy

The less charitable zero punctuation version.   He didn't join a corporation but the rest is accurate. and gotten worse and better. :D 13 years old, 2023 Q2.

Onboarding 101 video I did for Pandemic Horde. A bit old.

Picking a role in eve will speed up your game play at Eve Vegas in 2018.

Tackling 101 with Kismeteer.  Note, no kill in this one.

Navigating Thera in 45 seconds.

Video from Bombers Bar on how to bomb.

What I actually like doing in Eve Online, Interdiction 101 aka Dictor 101.

TGL gets into the basics of Fleet Command

And some random videos that are just content.  Day of Darkness II is my favorite eve video.  14 years old 2023 Q2.

This is Eve shows the variety of game play you might enjoy. 8 years old 2023 Q2.

This is Eve Uncensored improves upon the original with real world fun.

One featuring ProGodLegend, This is REALLY Eve.  7 years old 2023 Q2

I Was There shows you what I've been able to say for every major battle for the past 18 years.  11 years old 2023 Q2.

The Butterfly Effect shows how people interact with each other.  13 years old 2023 Q2.

Dare to be Bold shows you how important it is to get out there. 14 years old 2023 Q2.

CCP made amazing videos and highly recommend Permaband!