Mastery Tab

Greetings, here is your quick tip of the day on general skills and the 'mastery' tab.

Skills are what power this silly game of ours, and getting those skill points up just to 'sit' in a ship can be somewhat daunting. But flying it all and flying it well are pretty radically different.

By training in order: to sit, the ship, the main thing it does, then the magic 14, you are going to be more effective in ships.

Lets say you want to fly a maulus. You can sit really easily, luckily! You train up the ship skill first, gal frigate 4 is great and useful. Then you'd train the ship specific things, the damps. So you'd train to get to signal suppression 3. You'd also train Ewar, along with long distant targeting. Finally, you could switch back to the Magic 14 to round out the ship.

You can use the 'mastery' tab in a ship to guide you on this journey but it's not the end all be all answer. So you might have to pick and choose based on the roles you want to fly it on, versus what CCP designed it for.

As an example, I have a high skill point sabre pilot on the left, and a lower skill point sabre pilot on the right. Mastery 5 on left, Mastery 1 on the right. 5% slower (most important in a dictor), same align (luckily, second most), much much bigger 30% (third most important), 10% worse EFHP (fourth most important), and 10% less dps (doesn't really matter).

You can see the differences, so what do I train? I look into mastery tab, see that i'm missing key skills in one specific skill, Interdiction 3 instead of 5. you might also notice the sabre on the left is EXTREMELY susceptible to neuting due to the ragged edge of the cap 'stable' part. (ps it won't be cap stable) I am not carrying about my mastery 'level', because I don't need shield compensation (no shield booster here!), but I am just using it as a semi-guide. I am also boosting capacitor management and capacitor systems operations.

Anyway, hopefully this helps you get better with your own ships!