Industry 101

This is your eve tip of the day on building in eve. This ended up being three parts because it's incredibly complicated to follow the entire life cycle of a ship build.

A warning up front, new players REALLY struggle in building things because they are competing against the best in the game.  But it's easy to get started.  Just a warning, you will LOSE MONEY by starting this as a new player.  This is amplified by new changes to eve that adds an additional 4% tax on every research and build in the game.  so use BPCs for a LONG time now.

Eve is built on players doing things for each other or against each other. Here is a life cycle of a ship, a scythe, for instance. We are going to use the 'industry' tab, which you learned a bit during the Eve Career agents.

This is an optional step. Can go straight to Blueprint Copy (BPC), which is cheaper. But first, you need someone to buy a Blueprint Original (BPO). The scythe costs them 80 million isk in any minmatar station that sells them.

Next it needs Material Efficiency and Time Efficiency researched. This takes 150 days unbonused. The difference between an unbonused blueprint and a fully maxed one is 8.28 mil vs 7.45 mil and 2 hours vs 1.8 hours unbonused.

After a BPO is made, often you will get a Blueprint Copy (BPC) created. A copy takes around 2 hours unbonused. These copies sell in jita contracts for like 750k for a 10 run, so 75k per ship.

You can buy BPCs for super cheap off contracts in jita or Amarr. SUPER cheap.

Next, you need raw materials. It needs trit, pyerite, mexallon, isogen, nocxium, zydrine, megacyte. to get these materials, we need some veldspar, scordite, and maybe some spod, gneiss, and crokite. Someone has to get out there and mine that ore. This would most likely take around half an hour to mine in a retriever, if you knew where all the rocks were, but they are scattered between high sec, low sec, and null sec. So 3 different miners.

Next, you might need to compress those ores for shipping, which requires a ship or skills to do so.

Next, you need someone to ship them for you. We have easy shipping using

After you have the raw materials, you need someone with the appropriate ore refining skills to convert the rocks to minerals.

Then you need to find the right facility. The Industry | facility tab helps find this. The difference between a bonused and unbonused facility with a maxed BPC is 7.45 mil vs 6.93 million, and 1.8 hours vs 45 minutes.

Then you need to consider the indexes of the system as well. A max index'ed system might cost as much as 300k to build, versus a low index one might cost as little as 8k! These prices can change significantly with the tax rate as well, better faction means better prices too.

Finally, once your ship is built, you need to list it on the market. There are skills to reduce the taxes further here too.

By looking through this, you can see how a scythe might cost as much as 10 million isk, or cost as little as 7 million isk. By compressing out the air and using specialized alts and methods, your prices can drop significantly.

To reduce all the air out of this price, I need:

Spreadsheets. is what we all use basically, though there are specialized tools as well.

capital, in this case from scratch at least 100 mil to get a bpo, a retriever, and skill books. or only 12 mil in bpc and shipping stuff.

cheap research (often in empire using a constant rotating low tax, low index systems.)

ore compression and refining skills. Or buying local ratting trash like meta 0 and meta 1 modules and using scrap reprocessing to get the materials.

industry skills to build

hauler skill. I like the Gallente line because gallente is freedom but also because they have haulers specifically designed to haul minerals (kryos) and ore (Miasmos), along with one of the best general haulers (iteron Mark v). You are only using haulers to move between stations inside a system, ideally. Or getting scouted to move further distances.

Or skip all these and just buy stuff. :smile:

Using a maxed BPC and building off minerals on the market in mj-5, that scythe would cost me to build in mj-5:

-75k bpc

nearly zero shipping due to small size and low value.

-7.91 million isk off mj-5 (can import from jita the non-null sec ores/minerals to reduce this!)

build cost in mj-5 205k with my really good skills.

listing at +12,970,000 isk, 1% less than current lowest price

broker fee of 2.5% so -324,250 isk

sales tax of 3.6% so -486,920 isk

8.8 mil to build and sell, and sells for 12.97 mil, so i make 4.2 mil if it sells. If I have to relist it, i might have to pay a sales tax again, which isn't much compared to the 'if it doesn't sell'

BTW, to ship that same ship from jita would cost the jita price (7 mil), plus the shipping price (6.33 mil), so 13.33 mil to ship it the easy way just because the ship itself is so large.

And this is my cheap way to get cheap scythe's in mj-5. Or vexors. or stabbers. or caracals. Most of the cruiser lines are very economical to do. And they just start with a spreadsheet to track your costs and stuff you'd need to do to get the best possible value. Let us know if you are struggling with any of these terms. :smile:

edit: I've been asked to include just use IPH - 

Apparently Fuzzworks has been updated as well. 

RavWorks got updated and allows you to put end point materials in - 

Cookbook style industry guide - 

Inside horde, here is a reaction guide. Note, this does require omega.

Data Core farming

Data cores is a passive activity that doesn't pay very well, but it is continuous.  I do not recommend it. has a walk through, so i'll just hit the high points of when you reach the end here.

First, you need to train Research Project Management, a very expensive book.   And then the skill books for the datacores you want to research, and those books can be expensive or cheap depending on availability.  My example below is 65 mil for all the ones I chose. 

Next, you need to train social skills, such as social 5 and negotiations 5 to increase the payout.  All of these skills take an omega around 117 days to complete, so about 3 months of skill training, more if you want different science skills to five.

Finally, you have to grind faction to get your agents you want.  This takes a VERY long time to get to level 4 missions, upwards of months.

Finally, you're finally set, and you get paid out an amount of data cores per day, which can then be broken down into different amounts to result in different data cores.

My year income on a single character, and I have multiples, was 140 mil, minus 15.5 mil in fees to pull them out: has an example of a year payout for me.

This is not great money anymore, unfortunately.

Again, read the above wiki on how it works.

T2 ship building

This is very complicated.  An example is what it takes to build a sabre.