Eve UI

Eve User Interface (UI 101)

The Eve Online UI is ancient. Like 17 years at this point. It's gone through major improvements through the years, but is still pretty similar. However, there are some tricks you definitely want to look into.

0. Oh yeah, setup an overview. Maybe the most complicated thing in eve. I'm running my own in my in-game bio, but Z-S is very flexible.

1. Make sure the things near your capacitor are setup. click the 'hamburger' menu in the bottom right of the capacitor and turn on passive modules, empty slots, readout, readout as percentage, sensor overlay. I've also moved mine to the 'top'.

2. Make sure you can see two chats: Fleet and intel is a great one. or Fleet and Newbeans.

3. Make sure Local is split out on it's own, usually on the far right, with a VERY long format to see more names. The 'number' next to 'local' indicates how many pilots are there and is VERY important.

4. Hit the 'l' (lower case L) key if you want to see bookmarks in that system. Very handy for warping to a bookmark!

5. If you're in a fleet, have the fleet window open and the 'history' tab selected and color coded.

6. If in a fleet, make sure you have a watch list open with your FC and fellow pilots that are flying similar ships.

7. You can optionally have the Log and Messages window (in Edencom | Uilities).

8. Drag any frequently used things to the edencom bar on the left, like fleet and contracts, so it's easy to find them.

9. drag any frequently used items up to the f1 through F8 keys. F1 is always Cloak or MWD. F2 is always MWD or scram. F3 is web or disruptor. F4 guns. F5 and 6 are other moduels, and F8 is 'dangerous' modules like bubbles or smart bombs etc.

10. Make sure you can open other windows and have room for them to open.

https://imgur.com/BHpf5CN has my current UI, hopefully.

My current UI

Step by Step setting up the Eve UI

Eve is a hard game, never feel bad for asking questions, repeatedly. Eve rewards prepared players and punishes those who are not ready. so this helps you get prepared! 100%, everyone is unique in how they fly their ship, but you should always try to stick to more standards that your group supports and change bad habits by forcing yourself to learn standard ways.

General Settings

Step General Settings: Hit escape and I recommend the following settings

* Under go to Display and Graphics, set Windowed Mode

- Disable Camera Shake

- Disable Camera Bobbing

- Disable Dynamic Camera movements

- Set Potato mode if your computer doesn't perform or you plan to get in VERY large fights. Optimize Settings, Optimize for Performance, Turn back on Turrets and Effects. Do memory optimization if your memory is low.

* Under 'Chat' tab, if your computer is lagging, turning off 'log chat to file' can help, but can be harder to track down chat issues later.

* Under 'Audio' tab, a big fight can use a lot of resources on your CPU, so disabling audio entirely can help a lot when you expect a big fight. It does location sound, so it does things near you etc.

* Under 'General Settings'

- I prefer small font size

- only stack windows if shift pressed

- small station services buttons

- auto target back 0 targets (To prevent friendly fire)

- If you're in a major cap fight disable emergency warp

- Use Classic Star Map if you're struggling with the current map

- Alphas are stuck with non-colored panels, but omegas can change it.

- Colorblind mode can be helpful.

* Under 'Shortcuts'

- Add a broadcast for shield shortcut under 'Navigation', click it and set it to S. This replaces the Combat/Warp to, this prevents accidental warps in my experience.

- Add a broadcast for armor shortcut under 'Navigation', click and set it to D. This replaces the 'Dock shortcut/activate gate', which can also cause accidental warps.

* 'Reset Settings' - if you ever mess something up and check something you didn't want, this is your get out of jail free card.

Chat Channels

Step Join Channels: In game, join channel PH Overviews (Or Kissist if out of Horde) Other useful channels in horde: plusten, newbeans, bean-intel

Step Setting Up Chat Channels - Click the gear icon in the upper left for channel settings, and set Set Text Only, change font to smallest you can read comfortably (Font 9), Highlight my messages, show timestamp. Set Word filters to include alternate names you have: Kismeteer Kismet Kis Gonzo www xxx ww. Member List settings: show compact. Adjust the box at the bottom to be two lines long and not four lines long.

Avoid doing lock button on windows.

Chat channels we want to break up into 3 groups

* bottom left, I put fleet window and that private channel I have, Kissist

* Above that and attached, you have your alliance/corp channels and intel channels

* Far right, you have local window, which you make very long.

* You then set up all the chat channels as describe above, minus the word filter part.

My channels on Kis: Alliance, corp, intel drone, Etherium_intel, plusten, Bean-intel, Kissist


Step Setuip Overview: There are tutorials on the horde website on setting this up, this is how I do mine.  I've moved most of this onto my Kisover Overview page. 

In Kissist, load the overview you want to use. Load Z-S if you want something more complicated. In my in game bio, there is instructions on joining a mailling list that will show you

We want our overview to function properly, and learning how it works is important. Change tabs removes things from space. You can right click on items to remove from your overview temporarily, or right click to add them back in. Until you resave it though, those changes can be lost.

Once you've loaded the overview, make sure you have the columns you want loaded. I prefer these, others prefer others, I recommend not deviating much from your overview provider unless you give yourself exact recipe on fixing it. I also recommend adjusting the column sizes to be just enough. See the video.

Change color of corp mates is helpful for those of us who are colorbind, I do this under overview settings, appearnce, change them to blue. The order of these matter a lot too, the higher the order the more important.

show all, show all, pvp clear, show all, pvp, pvp, show all, boosh dic

adjust column sizes, icon, name, type, distance, corp, alliance, velocity, angular

pilot name, corp ticker, alliance, ship, type,

misc: check all


Step Targeting: When you target things, you can move around that anchor, the video shows the anchor. You want windows to connect as well, when you drag them next to each other, they'll snap in place.


Step Drones: change to aggressive, focus fire, display warning.  You might have to launch drones to click on the gear icon to set aggressive and focus fire.


Step Capacitor: There are lot of options centered around your capacitor/hull/armor/shields, with options on both left and right.

* Left side of capacitor

- turn off auto tracking if you didn't already. This is what causes your ship to zoom into things you target. kind of annoying.

- can set first person for things like aiming moon probes

- NEVER USE AUTO PILOT. Seriously, it's a bad idea. The only actual useful thing with is if you setup a cyno, set destination to the station you're on, turn on autopilot, you'll dock when cyno goes down.

- Turn on tactical overlay, it shows you how up/down people are, makes it easier to find how far away things are, like bubble sizes.

- Right click on cargo to change to mining cargo bay for instance

- Several different scanner setups below

* Dscan setup - Alt-D shortcut to open, v to scan

- Disable full screen by clicking the bar at the top, change from full screen to floating

- Pop out the directional scanner

- Shrink down the windows so you can see other stuff

- Note that you can change the dscan results to match an overview you already have.

- It cannot tell the diference between hostiles and neutrals

- Wormholers tap v every two seconds to scan.

- If something is on grid with you or warpable, you can see it with a distance. can click v and click to center your camera on it.

* Probe scan - Alt-P shortcut to open, b to run a scan.

- Again, Disable full screen, change from full screen to floating

- Make sure probe scanner is popped out on it's own

- Shrink down

- This is what people are referring to when they talk about anomalies, based on the ID they are.

* Rearrange your weapson To be the F1-f8 buttons, don't click, use shortcuts!

- Move your MWD first. This reminds you that it's important to be in the right position.

- Move your Scrambler before you web. You want to scramble someone first, or you could web them into warp.

- Then move your guns, grouping them, single shots are better than everything else, don't worry about wasted damage.

- Then hardeners or other things you want to click on keep on.

- Try to keep modules on the exact same button press. My guns is always F4, my bubble is always F5, etc.

* Capacitor Settings:

- Enable Display Empty slots

- Enable Display Readouts

- Leave on Display as Readout percentage but know to be able to switch it

- Enable Display Sensor Overlay, easy way to add/remove icons in space

- Configure Ship Health Alert Settings - 90% shields, 90% armor, 95% hull, 35% capacitor, CAN enable Cargo hold threshold but meh.

- Enable Safety to green in empire, Safety Yellow/Red in low sec. I recommend at least leaving at yellow if not in high sec.

Navigation and shortcuts

Step Navigating: There are a lot of shortcut keys. I recommend learning the existing ones and using them.

- Aligning: Double clicking in space, **Double click in your overview**, OR Hitting A and clicking, even on history

- Approach: Hold Q and click

- Orbit: Hold W and click

- Keep at range: Hold E and click

- Warp: Hold S and click (I remap because mistakes)

- Jump/dock: Hold D and click (I remap because mistakes)

- Targeting: Control key click to target, shift-control key to untarget

- Look at: alt key click (when the target initiates warp, the camera snaps back to you)

- Focus camera: Hold C and click

- Show info: Hold T and click

- Activate modules: F1 through F8, shift F1 to overheat, can rearrange modules

- Stop: Control-space

- Full speed: alt-control-space

- Broadcast: x for target, have to map the rest, I use S for shield, D for Armor

- Drones: F to engage, Shift R to recall drones, Shift-F to launch favorite drones

- Local bookmarks: L

- Make bookmark: Control-B

- Dscan rescan: V

- Probe rescan: B

- Probe resize: alt-scroll wheel

- Probe reorient: double click

- Fitting: alt-f

- Open cargo: alt-c

- Talk in chat window: space

- Show window list: control-tab (find a lost chat)

- Show statistics: Control-alt-shift-M

- Select all- control-A

- Copy - Control-c

- Paste - control-v

- Take a screen shot: Windows key+Shift+S - use this for asking for help and paste to newbies. OSX is Shift-Command-4

Skill plans

Step Skill plans:

* Disable full screen by clicking the bar at the top, change from full screen to floating

* Change to Skill Catalogue

* Make sure to always be training something, even when alpha

Neocom (The E in the top left corner)

Step Neocom:

* Moving buttons onto the bar: Click and DRAG onto the bar on the left hand side

* Shrink the buttons down on the left

* You can disable button blinking as well by right clicking

* Order I prefer:

- Chat channels Can use Control-tab to see when you've accidently minimized one, like local.

- People and places - (Have to add)

- Evemail - Disable CSPA charge

- Inventory (Alt-C short cut!) - Only have it on here to prevent blinking

- Market - in the gear icon, Make sure to uncheck 'show only available', and check Filter by untrained skills, sort 'sellers' to loweset, and buyers to highest.

- Market Orders - (Have to add)

- Contracts (Have to add)

- Fleet (Have to add) - Click the 'All Broadcast' in Kissist to color your broadcast settings

- Corporation - (Have to add)

- Fitting - Enable the wrench on the left, and click the stats on the right to see everything, expand everything on right

- Map - Disable full screen by clicking the bar at the top, change from full screen to floating, enable 'show all jump bridges', Keep on abstract mode, under setting try the views: My fleet members, cynosural fields, Escape pods killed in the past hour, Bounty Risk Modifiers

- Industry - (Have to add)

- Log and Messages - (Have to add) - Make sure to enable and change under 'Filters' on the right from 100 to 1000 to more easily find problems.

- Personal Assets

- Pointer Utility - (Have to add)

- Wallet - (Have to add) - Under My Wallet, Autopay, Need to add '2,000' isk per liquid ozone for jump bridges to avoid being annoyed when travelling in null sec.

- Notepad - (Have to add) - Very helpful because attached to your character and not your computer or your account.

- Journal - (Have to add)

- Help

- AIR Career - Move down

- Agency - Move down, disable on login

- Redemption - Make sure to sort by 'Expiry date' so you can see when things will expire soon to remind you to accept it.

System Interface

Step System interface- This is the section in the upper left corner

We're going to rearrange these a bit We want to move System to be at the top by dragging the sun icon to the left. We can also enable and disable features, like foundation day etc.

Most importantly, we can enable 'Include Jump Gates in Route' in this section, allowing us to automatically transverse jump gates.

I also like turning on 'prefer shorter' because I'm a null sec player, and I set Security penalty to 11.

Player owened Citadels

Step Citadels: Make sure to view outside when docked in a citadel, it causes your undock to go a lot faster.


Step Fleet: You can setup your broadcast settings to be colored, there are options in Kissist and in PH Overviews.