Pick a role

Eve tip of the day on picking a support role.

Greetings my newbeans. There has been some confusion by players who don't understand that fleets are composed of a broad cross section of ships. We need approximately 70% DPS, 10-20% logi, and a bunch of support roles. Just because you can't bring a paladin to a fleet doesn't mean you are useless.

I picked out a slide from my Eve Vegas presentation on Role Specialization. (available in my in game bio)

I'm also going to mention by a hand couple key ships that are useful in nearly every fleet, even if FCs don't mention them.

* Command destroyers - These can boosh things off. This is a VERY high skill task, I can't even do it well. When in doubt, DO NOT BOOSH

* Dictors - My favorite! :smile: Get in a sabre and don't fly another ship again.

* T3Ds - Svipul. Jackdaw. Useful in any shield fleet.

* Electronic Attack Frigates - Hyena and Keres are useful by nearly every doctrine. We even have fits in game in alliance fittings. I also have been using a sentinel to drive off light tackle and break logi chains. VERY powerful ships!

* Interceptors - This is light tackle. IF you're great like Dave911, you don't even die if you're smart. Big fights can be challenging to take part in though.

* Assault Frigates - These are not respected as much as interceptors, but they are useful.

I know that CCP convinces you, 'oh I just need to get into a battleship.' Battleships in null sec are nearly useless in many scenarios. They are slow moving targets that are vulnerable to multiple styles of gameplay. Even Battlecruisers like the gnosis are basically worthless in many scenerios. In fleets, t1 cruisers are less welcome, sadly. But most frigates can be useful and helpful. Destroyers, it depends on the type.

Feel overwhelmed? I have a list of doctrines we've flown recently. Have a ship pre-staged ready to fly and yo'ull be set.

Note: if you are unprepared, you're going to be shoved into an NBI Frigate. and that's on you.

This is a general presentation on picking a role in the game.  It is aimed at all players, and the above advice is for new players.

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fBg6PyOoRB0FYtltN4iVsQP_hJ7SwIe7CATYbqTjCio/ has the slides in question!