Pandemic Horde Rentals

Pandemic Horde Rentals

Pandemic Horde Rentals does not have a public webpage.  All details are part of the horde group, and is easy to get into.

There is a real rental team, but operates fully in game and discord.

Contact Keleios Shizaru for details on renting space from Pandemic Horde.  Only Horde directors or Nidia Masters will ever give you details on renting from Horde.

Do not trust anyone not in Horde Vanguard, it might be a scam or they might try to hack your computer.

Renting mechanics

You pay isk, you get space to do what you want. It's fine if you are talking to a horde rental manager, but anyone who is outside of that is more likely a scam.

I do not recommend renting at all, but some people like to spend isk, so who am I to stop them.