Corp Management

Running Your Own Corporation

Starting your own corporation in Eve Online is incredibly easy. It costs you 1 million isk, you can set your tax rate to whatever or even zero.  This can remove the 11% npc corp tax.  But join another corporation first before starting your own, this game is WAY better with friends.

Once you understand the game a bit better, you can recruit friends and family into trying to join the game, but the reality is that you are going to gather players that already play the game.  Some of them might become your best online friend in six years and convince you to move across the country.  A few will be the biggest jerks you have ever experienced in a video game.  And at least one will steal every single thing you allow them to take.

This is a guide to help minimize those losses. has the Role listings which you MUST read.

You need to be able to have a computer/location to pull ESIs.  I recommend either:

You can buy a domain name or just use a straight IP, and this can be on your home computer if you want, if it has a stable IP address.

You need all your corp members ESIs to track what they are doing, keep an eye out for spies, and generally make sure they are playing. :)

When the time comes, you can join an alliance.  An alliance will allow you to have access to more space, more people to fly with, will hopefully complement your goals.  To do so, the easiest way is to go to Corporations / Alliances / Rankings, find them there, right click, apply.

Processing applications

This is the list of things to check new players for before they join.

There are a lot of ways to check out these members, and would love more ideas if you have them.

Attracting members

This is actually the easiest and the hardest at the same time.

That's it.  I will state that Horde does not allow 'poaching', but if people express interest in joining you, you're welcome to talk to them further.  Note, do not assume a player is 'safe' because they were previously in another member corp. :(   And if you do start to recruit while in horde, let kismeteer know your discord link in the eveo discord.

And make SURE to check ESIs before inviting them.

Kismeteer's Happy Corporation Guidelines

This started as a reminder for all those changing CEO and other roles, a couple bits of advice:

A Note on Structures

This is for high sec folk.  If you anchor a citadel, congratulations, you're now able to be attacked with a war dec.  There is most likely nothing you can do to stop it either.  So ask yourself very carefully: do you need a structure or is it just an ego thing. :D  Just realize it will die, along with your will to play this stupid game.

Goonwaffe roles

These were the roles we used while I was a director in Goonwaffe.  These were mostly designed by xttz, the backbone of logistics in Goonswarm, but I modified and codified a lot while there.  Yes, I did a lot of work, and I'm proud of that work.

I'd recommend you come up with your own names for things, of course, and match it to the hanger names.  Note that hanger names are generally the start of this journey, along with what the players need.  It's often easier to just reimburse people based off ESI pulls.

The reason you do titles instead of roles is audit and ability to strip in a hurry.  You can very easily edit a title in a hurry to remove everyone's access while you sort out what happened.  Editing even just 10 people by hand is a pain.

Spy detection

There are many types of spies, let's do a quick run down!


Named after a guy named awox that loved to put these alts into people's alliances to kill them. These spies are looking for quick kills.  They are joining you to sneak up on one of your friendly pilots and put a scram or a bubble and generally wreck their day.  Because most people tend to play with friendlies off overview, they don't see them immediately.  These do show up in the game logs if you think one of these happened to you, though Bubbles don't show up those logs unless you warp.

Easiest to catch, but often only after they've done the damage.  In many alliances, there are often fines or SRP you have to do for those affected by your spies.  These are also the cheapest type, honestly.  They get their one kill and move on.  And if you have friendly fire off in high sec, they often do zero damage there. :D

How to prevent is also easy: Check the ESIs of people joining your corporation.  Look at their killboard.  See if they're playing like a player or if they're playing by someone focused on the fastest way into your corporation.  Look for large transfers of isk, ship trades, suspicious behavior.  But it's usually easy to see real players.

Blue Eyes

These are more insideous.  They provide intel to the enemy.  They tell the enemy where your big ships are.  They share where you are doing big projects.  They can provide warpins on big things while staying hidden themselves.  These are the reason why horde has non-gated (anyone including spies) and esi-gated (people who have their ESIs checked.)

These are also easy to pick up by people looking at ESIs.  See what they're in, see what they're doing, see what's in/on their ship, pull details on their movement, and compare to hostile actions.  It's also easy to give them misleading information to the enemy.


These players are aimed at stealing as much isk as they can.  They can do this multiple ways, but the most common is just trying to get access to misconfigured corp hangers and wallets.  Or convince other players to trust them to move things without collateral etc.  These can range from trying to get in and out inside a week or last for years and years.  They can be doing the other things at the same time.

Once they have roles, they tend to exploit those roles.  With full director, everything your corp holds is gone.  With Station Manager, every citadel can be stripped and gone.  With Config Starbase, all POS are suspect and/or gone.   With Personel manager, they can recruit a bunch of awox or spies over a long period and then take everything all at once.  Every wallet they have access to will be empty, and every hanger will be empty.

Again, watch for their play patterns.  Strip roles if they are not playing.  If they're unhappy, talk to them.  Most thefts are actually just people unhappy with the corporation.

Corporation/Alliance Destruction

These are the biggest and baddest.  Lots of history.  These are almost always due to someone being unhappy and being 'turned' by an agent.

It's funny that most of these players end up quitting the game, though.