Here is your Eve Online Tip of the day - Timers

There are multiple timers in eve that help you stay safe or keep you in danger, and I'd like to talk about a few.

1. Aggression and weapon timers. Every time you attack something, it gives you a weapons timer, which takes 60 seconds. It stops you from doing almost everything that would keep you 'safe' (other than wormholes). Aggression varies, but prevents you from logging off in space. These show up in the upper left corner.

2. Session change timer - These last 10 seconds, every time you do something that moves your 'brain in the box' to another location. They appear as a circle that slowly spins down. You can't change ships, undock, join fleet while this is counting down.

3. Cloak timer - When you jump through something, you appear on the otherside cloaked. This lasts 60 seconds and has a visible timer. It is a GREAT idea to hold cloak if you're unsure what to do. It's a VERY long time and can help you plan ahead. Never break cloak with a major fleet until an FC says to do something.

4. Undock timer - This lasts 30 seconds, just don't touch anything when you undock, and you can redock without anyone being able to aggress you.

5. Warp invuln timer - This is 10 seconds, is hidden, and shouldn't be relied on heavily. Because it's hidden. 😄 But if you land VERY first and want to live, sometimes you hold it a bit.

6. Safe logoff timer - 30 seconds and you can log off, without an aggression timer. 🙂

7. Jump Fatigue - This isn't as important for newbies, but it is a blue and red timer. Red timers mean you can't jump till that time. Blue means you stack more fatigue, which results in longer red timers. Blue maxes at 5 hours, red is max 30 minutes.

there are a few others, but these are the important ones. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Timers has more details.