Join a Corporation

Join a Corporation

Once you've learned the game 'enough', you join a corporation.

Joining a corporation is where you meet a group of like minded players who share your values.  Picking based on where they live (Null, Low, Wormholes, High) and when they fly (Timezone) is most important!

There are many resources to rely on to join a corporation.   Realize it is fine to join one, see if it's for you, and leave if it's not right for you.  There are chances you could alienate future employers, but it's better than sitting in high sec alone! is the official CCP site on picking a corporation, but doesn't cover how to find the right timezone.

Mechanics of joining a corporation

When joining a corporation you want consider the following things:

Once you think you've found your corp, research them a bit.  Find them on Zkillboard, and see what times they play.  There is an image on the right hand side that shows when they are the most active.

If you are a steam player, you might need to setup a username to join an ESI gated corporation.  Note, some don't require ESI immediately.

Note, some corporations are are a bit hostile to new players. But don't get discouraged!

An example of using the ingame tools to find a low sec mining corp that speaks english, for instance:  (Social | Corporation |  Recruitment | Search)

Eve Academy has a more general guide on this.

There is also an ISD thread here: 

I don't personally recommend every starter corporation out there, some are a little too much theory and not enough in practice.  That's just my personal thought when I put a newbie through their programs.  And realize it's very easy to correct a mistake later, tons of groups to join.

Asking questions in rookie chat in game is a great way to get advice and links as well, and you can use that for awhile till you figure out where you want to go.

Why you join a corporation

This is your Eve Tip of the day on finding people to play this terrible game with. Thanks to Muraku Butler for the idea.

Eve is a massively multiplayer game. Playing it as a single player game is remarkably depressing. I once built a bunch of sabres from scratch and it took a very long time, just see the parts list

It has the ups and downs with playing with a bunch of weirdos, but more ups than downs. The difference is that CCP, the company that makes Eve Online, has always encouraged a 'sandbox' rather than a safe walled off space. There are sets or rules in the EULA for instance, but beyond that, its all fair game.

But the core rule of Eve is to never trust anyone you cannot punch. There are people you can grow to trust. It is faster to grow that trust by building up from the same place. For instance, you could do team ratting with another player in eve, and next thing you know, you're going to Eve Vegas together.

(If you joined horde) has a list of channels that Horde encourages people to join that are open to all. This includes language specific groups. This helps build your tribe of people who know you and helps foster joint ventures. Working with someone daily helps build that trust quickly as well. But even that might lead to failure, as my sad story shows.

But the differentiator for horde for me is the #1 rule: Don't be a dick. This is an easy to follow rule is the reason why I think we've been so successful. Even if a person is being annoying with questions, try to treat them with respect and be nice. Anyone who doesn't fit the mold will generally leave at some point or another, and it all depends on how much of a jerk they are with how many groups they'll bounce around to.

Here's hoping you enjoy your time in Eve and find something worth fighting for. :smile:

Finding corporations in your timezone

The most important thing when joining a corporation is finding pilots in your timezone.   I will give some examples below as well.

You have a variety of ways to seeing if groups are active.

Zkillboard is the 'history' of eve.  You can see a live scrolling feed on the front page that shows who is killing what, when.  And by looking at their ships, you can easily see who's active with the activity you want to do.

It shows who is active on a historical basis.   There is a 90 day activity image on the right hand side.  This shows up as 0000 eve on the left (US TZ), 1200 eve in the exact middle (AU TZ), and 2300 on the far right (EU TZ).   I have posted some pictures below to figure out.

And if you see a completely blank black image on that corporation, they are not doing anything risky that could get them kills or killed, and that corporation might as well be dead. :D

Join Horde

Personally, I think Pandemic Horde is the best group to join though.  Hit the plus sign next to the chat box, and join the channel Join Horde to see what you have to do join us!   We will be in nearly every major fight. :D  Details in the corp-recruitment channel in the eve online official discord.

It should be pointed out that I was a Goonswarm director for six years as well.  Every day, I had 3 different people be a dick to me for no reason at all.  That doesn't happen in Pandemic Horde.  We operate on a simple principle: Don't be a dick

ESI-gated corporations

Pandemic Horde is split into two groups, esi-gated and non-gated.  

Non-gated is Pandemic Horde Inc and a few others.  These corps do not require any requirements, don't need to talk to us first, just apply through the in game channel `join horde`.  Because we take anyone, it has a lost of spies.  You have access to around 60 systems and some SIGs.

ESI-gated corporations have access to around 200 some systems and can join any SIG (Special Interest Group), including PANKRAB, our super cap umbrella.  Most require over 10 mil skill points to join, but some take newer players.  Make sure to talk to them first though, they want to get to know you, and will ask to see your ESI, which shows your activity in game. 

BTW, for those interested, I run a public thread on the Eve Online discord. In there, there is a list of member corps that are recruiting publicly.

You can go to and register, and go to corp-recruitment and find the pandemic hord thread. or you can go to this link directly.

If you are a member corp, drop me a note if you are advertising on there and I will add you to the list.

Newbie corporations

Note, I'm somewhat biased here, see the next section on Current Political climate on why I recommend one over the other.  I am rooting for my own sports team.  See Thanks! page on why this wiki got created at all, it was just deal with a gap in the education of new players.

There are several russian corps as well that I don't have a ton of knowledge of: Conoco., 000 Russian Academy 000, Russian Space Academy, Red Cold Chili Banderlogs Academy, F.13

Most give out some combination of skill books and ships to get you involved with their group.

Temporary Learning Corporations

These corporations are temporary ones you can join to learn the game before going onto a full blown corporation.   

Independant groups

Ill-advised corporations

I finally have a couple corps/alliances that I should advise against: 

Have issues with the way I present this information?  Let me know, I'm happy to make changes, within reason.  See why below I might be in favor of my own team.

When in doubt, ASK IN PUBLIC.    You will get a variety of responses, take them at face value. and I'll point back to the golden rules: don't trust anyone.

Leaving A Corporation (Hey I got kicked!)

To leave a corporation, you just join a new one.  You can just join your previous school corporation if you want.  If you are kicked, you go to one of the NPC ones.  There are a lot of reasons to actively leave a corporation

But the more likely reason you leave is:

And then there are the things you can do to get yourself kicked:

When you are kicked, you will not be told why often.  Sometimes you are told exactly why, but most times you get radio silence.  Due to the mercenary nature of eve, it's usually just over for you and that's it, nothing else to be said.

In some cases you can reapply.  If you are rejected again, just work on recovering what you can, either through Asset Safety or using a shipping service.   If you have a cap, often you sell it in place, or firesale it.   Either way, lots of groups out there to join, don't let it bother you too much.

Leaving a corporation voluntarily

Here are the things to check on before you leave.

That's it.  Remember your old corps stick aroudn in your history forever.

Current Political climate

The world is basically divided into two teams currently.  You can consider these as sports teams.  This section is a bit like asking someone to write about the Cardinals as a White Sox fan.  Each has their place in the world.  You join a corporation, which is part of an alliance, which is part of a coalition.  Some corps go by their ticker, some go by their name. The corporations are best if they are your native language as well.  All corporations have good and bad people, so if it's not for you, choose a new one!

There are easy to see maps on Daily Sov Maps showing regular changes happening.  Dotlan also tracks the largest alliances in game and who controls the most space.  You can also see these live in game in Neocom, Social, Corporation, Alliances.  I last updated these in 2023 Q4.

On my side, you have the side of good, Pan Fam + Winter Co.  This is composed of several major alliances of Pandemic Horde, SLYCE, NCdot, Pandemic Legion, (This preceeding group is shortened to PanFam) and the parts of winterco: Fraternity, Test, Blades of Grass, Siberian Squads.  They also rent systems using PIBC or BOT if you wanted to buy space for isk.

On the other side, you have the bad guys, Imperium (yes, Also the bad guys from Warhammer 40k).  This is actually several factions, with Goonswarm calling most of the shots.. Goons also have pet alliances of Dracarys, TNT, Sigma, Siberian and more. There also two other groups called B2 (Brave, BL0B, Banderlogs, V0lta, XIX, SYN, Shadow, -7- ) and Initiative who assist Goons.  In 2023 Q4, Brave moved down to Imperium.

You can easily see who's fighting who by looking at the battle report sites such as .   Last major battle in July 1st for instance.

There also used to be a South Eastern Agreement that allows neutral parties to setup in some key places in null sec, and that agreement has been holding firm if you want to stake your own claim.  Apply to grab a stake if you want to stand up your own infrastructure there without being stepped on by the Blue Donut.  Goons have walked away from this agreement, though horde still plans to honor it after it official ends .  

There are also wormholers and low sec entities that sometimes pick sides in these wars, but it can be fickle. I don't have enough detail to know how these work.  Wormholes can be scary if you AFK a lot, because when your hole gets evicted, all your stuff dies.  But low sec entities live in NPC stations that cannot die, they also tend to use a lot of implants because you can easily get them out.

Sov Map circa 2023 Q4

Thanks to Nalani Firestone for the layout suggestions!