Shipping items in game can be a hassle.  Things vary in sizes and quantities, you need to have it in the right stations to use it, and the three hangers of your ship hold, item hanger, and ship hanger is confusing!  The Asset Inventory can be even more challenging.

Good news is that you can generally PAY to have someone move something from one place to another.  The major trade hub in the game is Jita, and if you can't sell it in jita, you can't sell it anywhere.  So most of the low, null and wormhole groups have regular 'runs' to jita to pick up stuff and bring it out.  To do this, you end up making a contract to someone to ship it for a price.

The pricing can vary, though some have websites that make easy to ship things out.

So, if you're joining a null sec group, consider moving your stuff to jita first, then you can ship it out to their home station.  You can't generally ship fully fit ships though, you could use signal or noise filaments with a cloak fitted to move those.   Read more about Asset Safety on how to do that!

Note, most null sec groups have War Decs if you go near Jita, and you will die if you fly a ship near jita if there's a war dec on.  So don't do it, use a jita alt instead!

You use shippers to save time AND money.  If you try to ship it yourself, and you die, you are out the entire amount.  Returning vets especially, pay professionals to move your stuff!

Note, your Jita alt can also save you a lot of money by having good skills and standings.  Check out my Trading 101 page.

If moving an small stuff yourself or an expensive pod, please refer to Pods section.

Fast Gif

See bottm for slow gifs!

Shipping instructions, long way!

0. Find your shippers.  This is usually asking your corporation.  This varies from corporation to corporation.

That's it.  Hopefully this long explanation helps some people!

High sec Hauling

Hauling stuff for other people usually LOSES you money due to your inexperience and the collateral requirements.

You can request people move your shit, but it usually is VERY expensive.

Black Frog will move up to 1 billion isk of volumes up to 340k for 250 mil.  There are lesser groups that might do it less.

Mostly, if you offer 1 mil per jump, SOMEONE might move it.   If you offer 10 mil a jump, someone WILL move it.

Make *SURE* your collateral is ABOVE the cost though!

Other alliances

I cannot speak for other alliances current practices with shipping services, but I know they have them.

Goons -!/page/get_welcome seems to be one of the goon shipping services.  variest between 600 to 1600 per m^3, with a lot of newbie blocked routes though.  They have a lot of long haul distance due to delve's location.

Brave - This seems to be one of brave sites on calculation.  They are doing 400 to 800 per m^3 on brave little toaster.  They seem to cover most of their routes.

Init - Jita shipping for 650 m^3, it looks with init freight.  Could be others.

Want yours in here? let me know!

Pandemic Horde

If you didn't know, there is easy shipping from jita.

Watch this gif has how it works and  has the shippers.

I tend to use darkhorse. If a full blown jita alt is too much, fly to Paala in a shuttle and remote order it.  Stuff will show up generaly next day.  NEWBIES, DO NOT HAUL IT YOURSELF

Shipping disclaimer

This is Kismeteer's own assessment of shipping services, and does not reflect on the different shipping owners negatively, it was purely an exercise in showing shipping company's performance and making it easier to explain this to new players.

Started shipping on Wednesday 24th, at 19:40 eve time.

Buyback services

Different groups have different buyback services. has the horde ones, though most are in  You can make money selling to these as an alpha character due to lack of taxes.   It can be even cheaper than shipping to jita sometimes.  Let me explain!

Let's say you have 10 intact armor plates. is the janice link  These can be bought by a couple different buybacks in horde, all of which have different 'rates'.

You could also ship these to jita.   So let's do some math:

This is a completely different story if you are alpha too.

So, take advantage of buy orders if you find them to be favorable!  It's just math stopping you.  Trading 101 has details on cutting your tax rates, along with raising your Caldari Standings to cut your taxes further.

Moving via Titans

This was the discord ping I made for shipping from x47 to 93pi.

With this new age of actually moving, for those who have never done a move op, it's really straight forward.  We're moving from x47 to 93pi.  If you get confused, talk to the fleet in local or find an NBI to help you.

## Moving current ships:

* Set your death clone to x47.   Zealot doctrine moves to G-O, like your dragoon.

* Get in your biggest ship.  Like your battleships.  Get in your best 'clone' too.

* Fill it full of ammo or extra modules.   It's important to organize your hangers.

* Join the move op fleet.  Sort by Boss.  Join that boss's fleet.

* Get undocked and keep at range 1k on the titan.

* When animation goes up (Need 'effects' on in display options), you right click and jump.  Or do the radial menu.

* Approach the second titan.

* Wait the jump fatigue timer, it's a red ring that ticks down in the top left corner.

* Take second titan.

* Dock in new keepstar home of 93pi.   *UNLOAD YOUR SHIP OF AMMO AND JUNK*

* Eject from your ship.  Check your clone under Character sheet Augmentations.  Install a new clone, jump to that clone to save your augmentations there.

* Once you've confirmed your clone is empty, can go to character sheet | Character | Self destruct to be ready to move a new one.

## Moving items and OLD ships:

* Control-a to select all, or shift click on first thing, shift click on last thing.

* Right click, and repair everything.  (Repair in NPC costs money, repair in PC owned costs zero)

* Right click and repackage.  This destroys rigs on ships, but makes them easier to ship via jump freighter.

* Figure out which is moving from x47 to 93pi.   Figure out what is moving to jita.

* Jita stuff, right click, and use the normal shipping procedures. has the groups that do it.

* We'll have an x47 to 93pi shipper soon, I'm sure.  I've asked Dark Horse to add it, we'll see.

That's it.  Confused? talk to us!

Moving via caps

This document was made to help Pandemic Horde to move from R1o to MJ-5.  Other corporations might do this differently.

Greetings, this is your Eve Tip of the Day.

So, you had a campaign that you're done with. Hope you had fun while you were there, but lets get home! Always more to do in Eve Online. Well, there's a couple things you need to do.

1. Get your ships 'packed'. Rename it with your name, just in case you need a carrier to carry it. Ammo can fit in them, can take that with easily by putting that in the ship itself. Anything that isn't rigged can be packed to be shipped out.

2. Ship your extras. Ship your extras to either safety to jita. Right now, they're asking us to ship things to Irmalin. Shipping is super easy and WAY easier than taking it with us.

3. Destroy bulky ship or 'asset safety' when we leave.

4. Anything left behind can be asset safety'd later, or will happen automatically when goons kill the keepstar. This will show up in low sec, and you'll pay 15% to get it out of hock.

5. Figure out what is your last ship in the area. This needs to be a combat ship. Wacky things happen during evacs and we've gotten some huge kills by people being stupid. Let's take advantage of that.

6. Be there for the gold pen. This is a no-brainer. My 90/10/1 rule is in full effect here, expect something fun. 🙂

In the DEF discord, there is an SMB channel, this lets you find a capital pilot with free ship maintenance space. This lets you easily ship things back home, we have lots and lots of space there, just takes a bit to find a good person to do it for you.

Your Eve Tip of the day.

Pack. Rename ships.

Check SMB channel in Def discord.

Talk to the person, only the ones in that channel are trusted.

Get them your ships.

Edit: First day of deployment, just get a shuttle, import new ships there, easy. :D has a more full presentation on how moving day works.

Eve Online Moving Day!

Slow Shipping GIF

VERY Slow Shipping gif