I created this site to archive the significant amount of easy cut/paste things to share to new players.

It might take a vet to find stuff, but it's pretty easy to explain concepts with links etc.

I originally owned this domain for "Where's Chrissy Kam and Gonzo" network, when we had a t1 running to our house.  So I've now repurposed it for this, since it wasn't doing anything else.

Kismeteer in Eve Online

I've been playing Eve Online since 2005.  So as of this writing in 2021, I've been playing 15.5 years.  I have made some life long friends and made some mistakes and had a lot of fun.  My Killboard reflects this.

While I'm nobody really, I sometimes have some things of note.

I started in Beta actually in 2003.  I played for like three days?  I quit in a rage after I got concorded (killed by NPCs) while belt ratting when my missiles hit an asteroid and injured another player.  I thought it was silly since I had zero warning.  The interface was clunky, but it was 2003, so it was expected.

When I restarted at the end of 2005, I started to run hi sec missions and do some mining.  First minor loss was a navitas doing a courier mission to low sec.  First Vexor was to a belt ratter in low sec.   First Domi loss was to a guy named reaTh in Band of Brothers.  I was struggling with a mission, and a guy in BGG helped me.

My first 'real' corp was BGG.  This was run by a guy named jacass66.  He was my first FC and a great pilot. He taught me a lot.  We put up the O-2 station together.  We lived in Deklein for a long time as a pet for Dusk and Dawn.   Then we went to Outer Ring.  We lived with friends in Alkeraphboia and a Czech corp.   We did level 4 missions for ORE for good LP.   Then he got out of the game, and I waited around 4 years.

During this time, the best kill I've gotten in eve was done solo in a domi against a vaga, before the speed nerfs, and vagas were unkillable.   I was solo on a gate when 2 vagas and a curse attacked my domi.  Halfway through the fight, another friend in a domi came along, and the other vaga attacked him.  I killed the one vaga solo, and the other vaga was taken down by my friends, and the curse ran off.  It was the Band of Brothers pilot, and that BoB pilot had not been killed often, in fact, only 60 times.

After Jacass left eve, I went back to empire and did Level 4 mission running.  I could do AE4 in 45 minutes in a pimped out golem.  It was good isk for the time. :D  Thanks to the guys from eve-survival, it wasn't terrible exciting but good isk.

I was playing Diablo 2: Eastern Sun with the something awful crowd.  One of them was talking to me and said they were in eve too, so  I joined them.

I joined just as they moved back to syndicate after the big betrayal.   They had nothing, couldn't pay for POS stuff, it was a bad time.  We slowly moved up from Syndicate up towards Fade.  Then an alliance let us crash on their couch in Deklein.  By then, I was in the logi group, and made a director to help build a reaction farm.  I ran the reaction farm that sponsored the alliance for 5 months with another guy, Joe.  We eventually took over all of Deklein.  I  also ran 0Tec as well.   Insert history here.  I later I got publicly booted  by Goonwaffe because I thought someone I had seen a dozen times and stayed at my house a couple times had been reading private messages and wasn't a 'friend', but just someone to fuel his towers.  So it is what it is.

I moved over to Bat Country in PL in 2016.   Had a lot of fun there.  Then Hedliner took over and his line about me is in my bio.  He's a great FC, I enjoyed flying with him, but he really hated me.  Which is fine.  I had been dealing with 4 assholes a day in Goons, and now I was dealing with a single asshole who led the alliance.  When Bat Country nominated me CEO, it was clear we had to move.

I ended up getting us into Pandemic Horde in 2019.  It was a good fit for the ex-goon lifestyle.  I have to thank specifically Solock who sold me on this idea and I swear helped me.  I've been there for 4 years now, and really enjoying my time.  I've had three people be a jerk to me here so far.  One got booted, one left, and the other we made up.

I will work on expanding on this at some point as more stories occur to me. I should link my friends so they find it when they search for themselves.   But it was a good time.